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0091-co Damaged Flat Roofs
0512-co Damaged Wire


0839-co ----- Barometric for Oil Furnace
1079-co ----- for Firebox in Fireplace
1080-co ----- for Fireplace at Top of Chimney
1082-co ----- for Fireplace Low
1081-co ----- for Fireplace Missing
1165-co ----- not Fixed Open in Gas Fireplace
1060-co ----- on Wood Stoves - Testing

Dampproofing and Excavation and Drainage Tile

1904-co ----- around Foundations
2089-co ----- for Basements

1837-co Deck

1853-co ----- Beam

1855-co ----- ----- Poor End Support
1856-co ----- ----- Rotation
1854-co ----- ----- Sag

1863-co ----- Board Installation Details

1861-co ----- ----- Cantilevered
1857-co ----- ----- Joist Support

1859-co ----- Ledgerboard

1860-co ----- ----- Flashing
1864-co ----- or Porch Boards Sagging
0246-co ----- Pier Heaving
0245-co ----- Piers and Adfreezing
1867-co ----- Skirting
1721-co Decorative Chimneys
0276-co Deflections - Allowable for Floor
1357-co Defrost Control for HRV
1287-co Defrost Cycle in Heat Pumps
1378-co Delaminating Roof Sheathing
1710-co Dentils and Brackets
1324-co Depressurization of Houses
2082-co Depth of Foundation
1064-co Design Problems in Wood Fireplaces
0968-co Deterioration of Chimneys
0254-co Determining Height of Backfill
1315-co Dew Point
0355-co Diagonal Brick Bond in Masonry Wall
0889-co Diaphragm Tank on Hot Water Heating System
1543-co Dielectric Union for Supply Plumbing
0222-co Differential Settlement Caused by Soils
0793-co Diffusers and Grills and Supply Air Registers
1101-co Dimension A on Steam Heating Systems
2028-co Dimensions for Straight Stairs
1564-co Dip Tube on Water Heater
0782-co Direct Drive and Belt Drive Blowers for Furnaces

Direct Vent

1322-co ----- Appliances and House Air Pressure
1167-co ----- Gas Fireplace
1158-co ----- Wall Furnace
1406-co Dirty or Missing Filters on HRV
0425-co Dishing and Spreading and Sagging of Roof
1551-co Dishwasher Air Gap
0780-co Distribution Components for Forced Air Heating

0557-co-0585-co Distribution Panels - Electrical

0557-co ----- Wire Arrangement
1875-co Disturbed Soil under Garage Slab
1037-co Do not Confine Wood Stoves
0869-co Do not Operate Air Bleed Valves on Radiators


2065-co ----- Cores
1830-co ----- Flashings
2067-co ----- French
1880-co ----- Garage Problems
1094-co ----- Glass for Fireplaces

1871-co-and-2072-co ----- in Garage - Man
2069-co ----- Insulated Metal

2065-co-2072-co ----- Interior
1721-co ----- Lights - Windows
2068-co ----- Lintels Sagging or Missing

1881-co-1885-co ----- Openers - Garage
2066-co ----- Operation
2073-co ----- Raking Door Opening due to Sloping Floors
2071-co ----- Staining Below Exterior
1865-co ----- Threshold - Exterior
1892-co ----- Thresholds for Exterior Basement Stairwells
1879-co ----- Types - Garage Overhead

Doors and Windows

1827-co ----- Capillary Break
1829-co ----- Frame Deformation
1826-co ----- Putty Glazing Compound
1827-co Doorsill Capillary Break
2070-co Doorsill Support
1722-co Doric Column


----- Flashings 0086-co-and-0087-co-----
0438-co ----- Framing
0003-co ----- Gutters
0086-co ----- Siding Flashings
1708-co ----- Types
1713-co Double and Single Hung Windows
1549-co Double Check Valve Assembly - Plumbing
0576-co Double Lugging on Electrical Systems
0576-co Double Tapping of Electrical Systems
0577-co Double Taps on Electrical System - Pig-tailing
0756-co Downflow and Upflow Furnaces


1922-co ----- 35 Feet of Gutter Maximum

1907-co-1934-co ----- and Gutter
1916-co ----- and Gutter Installation
1923-co ----- Baskets-Strainers
1928-co ----- Below Grade - Abandoned
1920-co ----- Common Leakage Areas
1925-co Discharge into Floor Drain

1926-co Draining into Floor Drain Traps

1924-co ----- Extension too Short
1917-co ----- Missing on Secondary Roof
1919-co ----- Omitted on Small Roofs
1921-co ----- Proper Connection of Sections
1918-co ----- Running across Roof
0733-co Draft for Burners - 3 Kinds
0735-co Draft Hoods
0842-co Draft Regulator Problems
1317-co Drafty Houses
1932-co Drain Clogged on Flat Roof
2044-co Drain Holes in Windows
0122-co Drain in Modified Bitumen Flat Roof
1878-co Drain Pipe in Catch Basins Face Down
1939-co Drain Problems for Window Wells


1874-co ----- in Garage Floor
1899-co ----- Layer for Exterior Foundation
1950-co ----- of Retaining Wall

0088-co-and-1929-co ----- Systems for Flat Roofing

----- Tile and Excavation and Dampproofing

1904-co ----- ----- around Foundations
2089-co ----- ----- for Basements
1877-co ----- ----- for Below-grade Garages
1934-co ----- ----- for Flat Roofs - Adding
1933-co ----- ----- in Columns and Walls
1944-co ----- Walk-Patio Sloping toward House
1057-co Drawbands or Adjustable Connectors for Wood Stove Vent Connectors

1515-co Drilled Wells

1516-co ----- Casings for

Drilling and Notching

0329-co ----- of Joists
0390-co ----- Studs
0985-co Drip Edge on Chimney Cap

0730-co Drip Leg in Gas Piping

1572-co ----- on Water Heater
0520-co Drip Loop - Electrical
1770-co Drip Screed for Stucco


0255-co ----- and Foundation Cracking
1940-co ----- Asphalt and Concrete
1367-co Dropped Ceiling - Missing Insulation
0788-co Drum-Type Humidifier
1387-co Drying Potential of Walls
2009-co Drywall versus Gypsum Lath
1033-co Dual Fuel Furnace Wood-Oil
1862-co Duck - Canvas for Exterior Decks


1256-co ----- Adequacy for Air Conditioning
0595-co ----- and Pipes - Electrical Wire Clearances from
1264-co ----- and Vapor Barriers for Air Conditioning
1033-co ----- Arrangement for Wood Furnace Allows Reverse Flow
1028-co ----- Clearances for Wood Furnaces
1400-co ----- Cold side not insulated in HRV
1370-co ----- in Attics
0796-co ----- in Concrete Floor Slabs
1261-co ----- in Concrete Floor Slabs for Air Conditioning
1870-co ----- in Garages
1258-co ----- Modern for Air Conditioning
1257-co ----- Older Style for Air Conditioning
0814-co ----- Sizes for High Efficiency Furnaces

1256-co-1264-co ----- System for Air Conditioning
1513-co Dug Wells
0034-co Dutchlap Method for Slate Roofing

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