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1723-co Early Classical Revival Style
1704-co Eave - Bell-cast
0044-co Eave Closures for Spanish or Mission Tiles

0006-co-and-0008-co Eave Protection

0011-co ----- for Asphalt Shingle Roofs
0107-co Edge Details on Built-up Roofing Membrane
0019-co Edge Grain Wood Shingles

1774-co EIFS

1788-co ----- Inspection Strategy - Exterior
1789-co ----- Inspection Strategy - Interior
1775-co ----- Insulation Details

----- Stucco Exterior

1782-co ----- ----- Above Grade Termination
1778-co ----- ----- Common Problems at Decks
1786-co ----- ----- Drainage Layer
1783-co ----- ----- Flashings around Decks
1785-co ----- ----- Hosebib or Railing Attachment Detail
1787-co ----- ----- Ideal Caulking Configurations
1784-co ----- ----- Light Fixture Detailing
1777-co ----- ----- Reinforcing Mesh Layout around Window Openings
1779-co ----- ----- Window Flashing Detail fully flashed
1780-co ----- ----- Window Flashing Detail simple
1781-co ----- ----- Wire Penetration
0100-co Elastomeric Roofing
0606-co Electric Aluminum Wiring
0549-co Electric Arcing and Sparks

Electric Baseboard Heaters

1143-co ----- Clearance to Draperies

0622-co Electric Outlets Above

1142-co ----- Wattage
1144-co ----- with Outlets Above
1150-co Electric Boiler
1334-co Electric Box Enclosures to Control Air Leakage
1335-co Electric Box Gaskets
0535-co Electric Branch Circuit over Current Devices
0610-co Electric Bulbs for Potlights - Proper
0580-co Electric Bus Bars in Fuse Panels
0593-co Electric Cable Support
0507-co Electric Circuit - Simple
0589-co Electric Conductors - Number

Electric Connections

1883-co ----- for Garage Door Openers
0577-co ----- Pig-tailing to Avoid Double Taps
0591-co ----- Types

Electric Current Draw

1227-co ----- Excessive on Air Conditioning Compressor
1148-co ----- Testing for Electric Furnace

0557-co-0585-co Electric Distribution Panels

Electric Furnace

1146-co ----- Fan Limit Switch
1145-co ----- Sequencers
1149-co ----- Temperature Rise
1148-co ----- Testing Current Draw
0580-co Electric Fuse Panels with Bus Bars
0564-co Electric Fuse Types
0617-co Electric GFIs Protect Ordinary Outlets Downstream
0551-co Electric Ground Wires - Location
0616-co Electric Ground-Fault Interrupter
0533-co Electric Grounding Equipment

Electric Heat

1135-co ----- Watts per Square Foot Required
1136-co ----- Wire Fuse and Heater Sizing

Electric Heaters
1140-co ----- Best Location
1137-co ----- Floor Mount
1138-co ----- Toe-kick
1141-co ----- Wiring

1132-co-1152-co Electric Heating Systems
0500-co Electric Inspection - Where Does It Start

0602-co-0605-co Electric Knob-and-Tube Wiring

0604-co ----- Connecting a New Circuit
0603-co ----- Connections
0614-co Electric Light Fixtures - Importance of Correct Polarity

Electric Lighting

0607-co ----- Stairways
0609-co ----- in Insulated Ceilings
0612-co Electric Lights need Isolating Links on Pull Chains
0619-co Electric Load Miser
0537-co Electric Meter Location

Electric Outlets

1144-co ----- above Electric Baseboard Heaters
0620-co ----- and Switches in Bathrooms
0623-co ----- in Floors or Countertops
0624-co ----- in Garages - 18 Inches off the Floor
0622-co ----- near Basins
0617-co ----- Protection by GFIs
0622-co ----- should not be above Electric Baseboard Heaters

0534-co Electric Panel

0538-co ----- Clearances
0541-co ----- Mounting
0540-co ----- Openings
0539-co ----- Securement
0583-co ----- Wires with Excess Sheathing
0547-co ----- for Ground and Neutral Wires
1147-co Electric Plenum Heater
0614-co Electric Polarity Importance on Light Fixtures
0502-co Electric Potential
0610-co Electric Potlights - Proper Bulbs

0714-co Electric Radiant Heat

1151-co ----- Ceilings
1152-co ----- Floors
0615-co Electric Receptacle - Wrong Type
0503-co Electric Resistance
0613-co Electric Reversed Polarity

Electric Service

0545-co ----- Box 0532-co -
0565-co ----- Box and Panels - Inspecting
0536-co ----- Boxes - Breaker and Fuse-type
0526-co ----- Entrance - Areas of Potential Water Entry
0528-co ----- Entrance Cable should not be Covered by Siding
0525-co ----- Entrances - Support Requirements
0532-co ----- Equipment
0524-co ----- Masts - Bent
0532-co ----- Panel

0529-co-0531-co ----- Size

0530-co ----- ----- Determining by Service Entrance Wires
0531-co ----- ----- Determining by the Main Disconnect
0514-co ----- Underground

0520-co-0528-co ----- Wires
1228-co Electric Shut Off Missing on Air Conditioning

0571-co-0573-co Electric Subpanel Wiring

Electric Switches

0626-co ----- for Furnaces
0628-co ----- for Garbage Disposal
0625-co ----- Push-button Obsolete
0608-co ----- Three-way

Electric System

0576-co ----- Double Lugging
0576-co ----- Double Tapping

0546-co-0554-co ----- Grounding
0543-co Electric Taps - Illegal
1139-co Electric Wall Heater Fan Operated

1567-co Electric Water Heater

1568-co Element Sequencing

Electric Wire

0561-co ----- and Fuse Sizes
0519-co ----- Clearance over Roofs - Inadequate
0517-co ----- Clearances around Windows
0596-co ----- Clearances from Ducts and Pipes
0599-co ----- Exposed
0600-co ----- Exposed in Attics
0597-co ----- in Studs and Joists - Clearance from Edges
0584-co ----- Securing
0585-co ----- Should not Cross Bus Bars
0529-co ----- Sizes - Common
0595-co ----- Support with Steel Studs

Electric Wiring

0586-co ----- Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
0629-co ----- for Garbage Disposals
0618-co ----- for Multi-Wire Branch Circuits
0594-co ----- Wire Support below Floors
0501-co Electricity - Basic Concepts

0785-co Electronic Air Cleaner

0787-co ----- Installed Backwards-Parts Missing
0786-co ----- Problems
1568-co Element Sequencing on Electric Water Heater
1394-co Embedded Joist - Do not Insulate
0831-co Emergency Shutoffs for Oil Furnace

End Bearing

0323-co ----- for Joist
0429-co ----- for Rafters
0420-co ----- for Steel Lintel
0421-co ----- for Wood Lintel
1841-co ----- Poor for Exterior Beam
2046-co Energy Efficiency of Windows
1323-co Energy Recovery Ventilator
0333-co Engineered Wood for Floors
1709-co Entablature

0100-co EPDM Roofing

0113-co ----- Wall Flashing


1122-co ----- and Hartford Loop Details for Steam Heat
1117-co ----- and Hartford Loop for Steam Heat
1102-co ----- Pipe for Steam Heating
1134-co Equivalent Furnaces - Electric
0094-co Erosion of Gravel on Flat Roofs
1353-co ERV and HRV Heat Exchangers
1270-co Evaporative Coolers

Evaporator Coil

1202-co ----- Collecting Hot Air Inside the House
1238-co ----- for Air Conditioner in Attic
1239-co ----- for Air Conditioner Upstream of Heat Exchanger

1236-co-1242-co ----- for Air Conditioning
1240-co ----- for Air Conditioning - Inspection Procedure
1276-co ----- for Heat Pump
1254-co Evaporator Fan for Air Conditioning


2089-co ----- Dampproofing and Drainage Tile
1904-co ----- Dampproofing and Drainage Tile around Foundations
0251-co Excess Brick Overhang of Foundation
0583-co Excess Sheathing on Electrical Panel Wires
1911-co Excess Shingle Overhang of Gutters
1149-co Excess Temperature Rise on Electric Furnace
0322-co Excessive Joist Overlap Causes Floor Bump
1008-co Excessive Offset from Vertical on Metal Chimney
1401-co Exhaust and Intake Locations for Heat Recovery Ventilators
1355-co Exhaust and Intake Locations for HRV
0754-co Exhaust Breech through Cold Air Return
1399-co Exhaust Fan Problems
1321-co Exhaust Fans for House Ventilation

Exhaust Flue

0845-co ----- Clearances for Oil Furnace
0987-co ----- Extending too Far into Chimney
0844-co ----- Length for Oil Furnace
0988-co ----- Loose at Chimney
0846-co ----- Obstructions in Oil Furnaces
0842-co ----- Slope on Oil Furnace
0843-co ----- Support for Oil Furnace
1403-co Exhaust Grill Locations for HRV
1350-co Exhaust System Components for House Air
2061-co Exit Window Sizes

Expansion Devices

1207-co ----- Cooling Hot Liquid Freon
1207-co ----- in Air Conditioning - Cooling Hot Liquid Freon
1286-co ----- Two in Some Heat Pumps

Expansion Tank

0888-co ----- on Hot Water Heating System
0887-co ----- Overflow Pipes for Hot Water Heating Systems
0886-co ----- Water Levels for Hot Water Heating
1395-co Exposed Combustible Insulation

0599-co Exposed Electrical Wiring

0600-co ----- in Attics
0956-co Extender for Chimney
0889-co Extending Hot Water Heating Systems
0821-co Exterior above Ground Storage Tank


----- Basement
1385-co ----- ----- Insulation - Adding

1873-co-1879-co ----- ----- Stairs
0242-co ----- ----- Stairwell - Insulated
0241-co ----- ----- Stairwell - Side View

1853-co ----- Beam

1855-co ----- ----- Poor End Support
1856-co ----- ----- Rotation or Twisting
1852-co ----- Column Hinge Point
1865-co ----- Door Threshold
2071-co ----- Doors Staining Below
1906-co ----- Grading 1894-co -
1744-co ----- Inspection

1774-co-and-1775-co ----- Insulating and Finishing Systems EIFS
1898-co ----- Insulation on Foundations
1857-co ----- Joist Support

1847-co ----- Stairs Handrails and Guards

1850-co ----- ----- too Low
1844-co ----- Steps Settled or Heaved
1841-co ----- Support for Concrete Steps

----- Trim and Flashings and Caulking
1832-co ----- ----- Diverter Flashing
1831-co ----- ----- Kick-out Flashing
1834-co ----- ----- Missing Kick-out Flashing
1941-co ----- Walkway Steps
1745-co ----- Wall Assemblies
1845-co ----- Wood Stairs - Rot
1563-co ----- Tank Water Heater

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