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Building Shapes and Details
----- 1700-co Linear plan versus massed plan
----- 1701-co Saltbox and four-square and compound plans
----- 1702-co Flat roofs
----- 1703-co Sloped roof shapes
----- 1704-co Bell-cast eave
----- 1705-co Roof details
----- 1706-co Gable details
----- 1707-co Decorative chimneys
----- 1708-co Dormer types
----- 1709-co Cornice terms
----- 1710-co Brackets versus dentils
----- 1711-co Half-timbering
----- 1712-co Quoining
----- 1713-co Double and single-hung windows
----- 1714-co Casement windows
----- 1715-co Sliders
----- 1716-co Awning and hopper windows
----- 1717-co Jalousie or louver windows
----- 1718-co Window terms
----- 1719-co Window shapes
----- 1720-co Bow and bay and oriel windows
----- 1721-co Door lights
----- 1722-co Columns
Specific House Styles
----- 1723-co Early Classical Revival
----- 1724-co Greek Revival
----- 1725-co Georgian
----- 1726-co Adam
----- 1727-co Colonial Revival
----- 1728-co Italian Renaissance
----- 1729-co Italianate
----- 1730-co Gothic Revival
----- 1731-co Stick
----- 1732-co Queen Anne
----- 1733-co Additional Queen Anne details
----- 1734-co Shingle
----- 1735-co Tudor
----- 1736-co Prairie
----- 1737-co Craftsman
----- 1738-co Modernistic
----- 1739-co International
----- 1740-co Spanish Colonial
----- 1741-co Mission
----- 1742-co Cape Cod
----- 1743-co Saltbox

----- 1744-co Exterior inspection includes other systems
Wall Surfaces - General
----- 1745-co Wall assemblies
----- 1746-co Support for siding
----- 1747-co Condensation in walls
----- 1748-co Too close to grade
----- 1749-co Weep holes below grade
----- 1750-co Siding too close to roof
----- 1751-co Watch for planters or gardens against walls
----- 1752-co Insulation holes
----- 1753-co Veneer versus solid masonry
----- 1754-co Parapet walls prone to damage
----- 1755-co Chimney deterioration due to condensation
----- 1756-co Rising damp
----- 1757-co Freezing water spalls bricks
----- 1758-co Repointing
----- 1759-co Rusting lintels
----- 1760-co Toothed in masonry on additions
----- 1761-co Common mortar joints
----- 1762-co Mortar joints in brick walls
----- 1763-co Weep holes - vented rain screen principle
----- 1764-co Bowed brick veneer wall - older home
----- 1765-co Brick veneer wall - masonry tie detail
----- 1766-co Lateral support for masonry walls
----- 1767-co Bowing of masonry walls
----- 1768-co Stucco - three coat process
----- 1769-co Stucco - two coat process
----- 1770-co Drip screed
----- 1771-co Stucco cracking
----- 1772-co Tudor style stucco problems
----- 1773-co Nail popping
----- 1774-co Synthetic stucco EIFS
----- 1775-co EIFS installation details
----- 1776-co Kickout prevents stucco damage
----- 1777-co EIFS - reinforcing mesh layout around window openings
----- 1778-co EIFS - common problems at decks
----- 1779-co EIFS - window flashing detail fully flashed
----- 1780-co EIFS - wind flashing detail simple
----- 1781-co EIFS - wire penetration
----- 1782-co EIFS - above grade termination
----- 1783-co EIFS - flashings around decks
----- 1784-co EIFS - light fixture detailing
----- 1785-co EIFS - hosebib or railing attachment detail
----- 1786-co EIFS - drainage layer
----- 1787-co EIFS - ideal caulking configurations
----- 1788-co Exterior inspection strategy for EIFS
----- 1789-co Interior inspection strategy for EIFS
----- 1790-co Horizontal wood siding
----- 1791-co Board-and-batten siding
----- 1792-co Nailing controversy
----- 1793-co Concealed nails
----- 1794-co Inside and outside corners
----- 1795-co Wood shingles and shakes
----- 1796-co Cedar shingles - nailing details
----- 1797-co Wood shingle siding
----- 1798-co Cut back bottom of siding
----- 1799-co Mitered corners
----- 1800-co Vertical siding - butt joint detail
----- 1801-co Joints in siding boards
----- 1802-co Concealed nails
----- 1803-co Strapping for vertical siding
Plywood and Hardboard and OSB
----- 1804-co Plywood and composite siding
----- 1805-co Hardboard siding
----- 1806-co Oriented strandboard OSB siding
----- 1807-co Vertical joints in panel siding
----- 1808-co Siding too close to roof
----- 1809-co Z flashings
----- 1810-co Identifying Inner-Seal siding
Metal and Vinyl
----- 1811-co Metal and vinyl
----- 1812-co Nailing too tightly
----- 1813-co Mounting blocks
----- 1814-co Flashings below windows
----- 1815-co J moldings around windows
Other Sidings and Issues
----- 1816-co Asbestos cement siding
----- 1817-co Clay and slate shingles
----- 1818-co Six nails per shingle
----- 1819-co Insulbrick
----- 1820-co Foundation height
----- 1821-co Areas to check for wood-soil contact include
----- 1822-co Preserved wood foundations
----- 1823-co Parging
Soffits and Fascia
----- 1824-co Soffits and fascia
----- 1825-co Rotting soffit and fascia
Windows and Doors
----- 1826-co Putty glazing compound
----- 1827-co Capillary break
----- 1828-co Windows move
----- 1829-co Frame deformation
Trim and Flashings and Caulking
----- 1830-co Flashings over windows
----- 1831-co Kick-out flashing
----- 1832-co Kickout prevents siding-wall damage
----- 1833-co Diverter flashing
----- 1834-co Missing kick-out flashing
----- 1835-co Macro approach

----- 1836-co Porches
----- 1837-co Decks
----- 1838-co Balconies
----- 1839-co Garages versus carports
----- 1840-co Basement walkout
Porches and Decks and Balconies
----- 1841-co Support for concrete steps
----- 1842-co Rise and run and tread width
----- 1843-co Landings
----- 1844-co Settled or heaved steps
----- 1845-co Rot in wood stairs
----- 1846-co Designing steps that are not springy
----- 1847-co Handrails and guards
----- 1848-co Handrail design
----- 1849-co Spindle spacing
----- 1850-co Handrails or guards too low
----- 1851-co Common column materials
----- 1852-co Column hinge point
----- 1853-co Beams
----- 1854-co Inspecting for beam sag
----- 1855-co Poor end support
----- 1856-co Beam rotation twisting
----- 1857-co Joist support
----- 1858-co Porch floor sag
----- 1859-co Securing ledgerboards
----- 1860-co Ledgerboard flashing
----- 1861-co Cantilevered decks
----- 1862-co Canvas duck
----- 1863-co Deck board installation details
----- 1864-co Sagging deck or porch boards
----- 1865-co Threshold
----- 1866-co Hinged pillars affect roof structure
----- 1867-co Skirting
Garages and Carports
----- 1868-co Garages versus carports
----- 1869-co Fire and gas proofing in attached garages
----- 1870-co Heating ductwork in garages
----- 1871-co Man door attached garage
----- 1872-co Combustible insulation in garages
----- 1873-co Structural garage floor
----- 1874-co Poor garage floor drainage
----- 1875-co Slab is partly on disturbed soil
----- 1876-co Mud jacking pressure grouting
----- 1877-co Drains for below-grade garages
----- 1878-co Drain pipe should face down
----- 1879-co Garage door types
----- 1880-co Garage door conditions
----- 1881-co Automatic garage door openers
----- 1882-co Manual operation of automatic garage door openers
----- 1883-co Check electrical connection
----- 1884-co Testing automatic reverse
----- 1885-co Check photo-eye
----- 1886-co Water heaters in garages
Basement Walkouts
----- 1887-co Basement walkouts
----- 1888-co Lowered footings around basement walkouts
----- 1889-co Insulated exterior basement stairwell
----- 1890-co Perimeter drainage tile
----- 1891-co No outside traps
----- 1892-co Door threshold
----- 1893-co Walkout cover or roof

Lot Grading
----- 1894-co Recommended grading slopes
----- 1895-co Water penetration due to subgrade
----- 1896-co Swales
----- 1897-co Maximum slopes
----- 1898-co Evidence of exterior insulation installation
----- 1899-co Drainage layer
----- 1900-co Foundation cracks - repair methods
----- 1901-co Settled backfill
----- 1902-co Swales
----- 1903-co French
----- 1904-co Excavation and dampproofing and drainage tile
----- 1905-co Catch basins - drain pipe should face down
----- 1906-co Water penetration due to subgrade soil conditions
Gutters and Downspouts
----- 1907-co Interior flat roof drains
----- 1908-co Integral gutter
----- 1909-co Yankee gutter
----- 1910-co Identifying aluminum and galvanized steel gutters
----- 1911-co Excess shingle overhang
----- 1912-co Gutters - common reasons for leakage
----- 1913-co Repairing an integral gutter
----- 1914-co Gutter attachment methods
----- 1915-co Screens on gutters
----- 1916-co Gutter and downspout installation
----- 1917-co No downspout on secondary roof
----- 1918-co Downspout running across roof
----- 1919-co No downspouts on small roofs
----- 1920-co Downspouts - common leakage areas
----- 1921-co Downspouts - proper connection of sections
----- 1922-co 35 feet per downspout
----- 1923-co Baskets-strainers at the top of downspouts
----- 1924-co Downspout extension too short
----- 1925-co Downspouts discharge into floor drain
----- 1926-co Does the downspout drain into the floor drain trap
----- 1927-co French drain
----- 1928-co Abandon below grade downspouts
----- 1929-co Flat roof drainage systems
----- 1930-co Scupper drains
----- 1931-co Weight of water
----- 1932-co Clogged interior flat roof drain
----- 1933-co Drains in columns and walls
----- 1934-co Adding a roof drain
Window Wells
----- 1935-co Window well
----- 1936-co Add or extend wells when re-grading
----- 1937-co Damaged window wells
----- 1938-co Wood soil contact
----- 1939-co Drain problems
Walks and Driveways and Grounds
----- 1940-co Concrete and asphalt driveways
----- 1941-co Walkway steps
----- 1942-co Trees and shrubs too close to house
----- 1943-co Raised patios
----- 1944-co Walk-patio sloping toward house
Retaining Walls
----- 1945-co Gabion retaining wall
----- 1946-co Precast concrete retaining wall systems
----- 1947-co Cantilevered concrete retaining wall
----- 1948-co Pile retaining walls shoring
----- 1949-co Wood retaining wall
----- 1950-co Drainage is important
----- 1951-co Movement or cracking
----- 1952-co Block walls need rebar and cap
----- 1953-co Inspecting retaining walls - things to watch for
----- 1954-co Weep holes in retaining walls

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