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1945-co Gabion Retaining Walls


1706-co ----- Details
0436-co ----- Overhang Less than 16 Inches
0437-co ----- Overhang More than 16 Inches
0002-co ----- Roof
0435-co ----- Wall for Roof
1896-co Galvanized Steel and Aluminum Gutter - Identifying
1504-co Galvanized Steel Pipe in Plumbing System
1348-co Gambrel and Mansard Roofs - Venting
0002-co Gambrel Roof
0285-co Gaps under Wall Sill


1839-co ----- and Carport
1877-co ----- Below-grade - Drains
1872-co ----- Combustible Insulation Exposed

1881-co-1885-co ----- Door Openers
1880-co ----- Door Problems
1879-co ----- Door Types
0624-co ----- Electrical Outlets - 18 Inches off the Floor
1869-co ----- Fire and Gas Proofing
1874-co ----- Floor Drainage
1873-co ----- Floor Structural
1870-co ----- Heating Ductwork

1871-co-and-2072-co ----- Man Door
0367-co ----- Settlement

----- Slab

1875-co ----- ----- on Disturbed Soil
1875-co ----- ----- Settling
1886-co ----- with Water Heater

Garbage Disposal

0628-co ----- Switches
0629-co ----- Wiring

Gas Appliance

0724-co ----- Connectors - Flexible
0993-co ----- Two on One Flue
0805-co ----- with Improper Sidewall Venting

0740-co-0750-co Gas Burner

0747-co ----- Continuous Pilot Light
0743-co ----- Crossover Igniter
0741-co ----- Monoport
0734-co ----- Natural Draft
0748-co ----- Relighting Pilot Light
0749-co ----- Scorching

Gas Fired Floor Furnace


0160-co ----- Clearances
1161-co ----- Inspection Cap Missing or Damaged

Gas Fired Space Heater

1162-co ----- Combustible Clearances
1164-co ----- Unvented

1153-co Gas Fired Wall Furnace

1154-co ----- Clearances from Combustibles
1159-co ----- Unvented

Gas Fireplace

1168-co ----- Combustible Clearances
1167-co ----- Direct Vent
1166-co ----- Location Restrictions
1165-co ----- not Fixed Open

Gas Furnace

0815-co ----- Automatic Vent Damper
0775-co ----- Chimney-Vent Connections

0806-co-0819-co ----- Condensing

----- High Efficiency

0814-co ----- ----- Duct Sizes
0808-co ----- ----- Maximizing Temperature Differences
0809-co ----- ----- Venting
0757-co ----- Horizontal

0801-co-0805-co ----- Mid Efficiency
0818-co ----- Sidewall Venting

----- Vent Connector

0771-co ----- ----- Length
0774-co ----- ----- Size
0770-co ----- ----- Slope
0772-co ----- ----- Support
1096-co Gas Igniters for Fireplaces

Gas Meter

1570-co ----- Location For Water Heater
0722-co ----- Poor Location

Gas Piping

0725-co ----- Connections with Teflon Tape

0730-co ----- Drip Leg

1572-co ----- ----- on Water Heater

0548-co-and-0728-co ----- Electric Grounding
0726-co ----- Flexible Copper Tubing
0026-co ----- Support
1571-co ----- Support for Water Heater
0723-co ----- Terminology
1869-co Gas Proofing Garages
0721-co Gas Regulator - Ice

0727-co Gas Shut Off Valve

1573-co ----- Gas Shut Off Valve for Water Heater
0742-co Gas Supply to Burner
1562-co Gas Water Heater
1334-co Gaskets - Sill
1335-co Gaskets for Electrical Boxes
1535-co Gate Valve for Plumbing
1725-co Georgian Style
1094-co Glass Doors for Fireplaces


2048-co ----- Location for Windows
2047-co ----- Low-E
2049-co ----- Spacing in Windows


1826-co ----- Compound Putty
2052-co ----- Sloped
2040-co ----- Types for Windows
1534-co Globe Valve for Plumbing
1730-co Gothic Revival Style Home
1719-co Gothic Windows
1748-co Grade Clearance for Siding Inadequate

1894-co-1906-co Grading - Exterior
0031-co Graduated Slate Roof
0094-co Gravel Erosion on Flat Roofs
0710-co Gravity Furnace
1724-co Greek Revival Style Home
0799-co Grill in Furnace Room - Return
0793-co Grills and Diffusers and Supply Air Registers
0547-co Ground and Neutral Wires - Electrical Path

Ground Source Heat Pump

1283-co ----- Horizontal Closed Loop
1293-co ----- Vertical Closed Loop
0551-co Ground Wires - Location
0546-co Ground Wires let Fuses Blow
0616-co Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter
0616-co Ground-Fault Interrupter Electrical
0617-co Ground-Fault Interrupters Protect Ordinary Outlets Downstream
0533-co Grounding Equipment - Electrical
0555-co Grounding of Electric Service Box

0548-co-and-0728-co Grounding the Gas Piping

Guards and Handrails

1847-co ----- for Exterior Stairs
2033-co ----- for Stairs

1907-co-1934-co Gutter and Downspout

1916-co ----- Installation


1914-co ----- Attachment Methods
1912-co ----- Common Leakage Causes
0003-co ----- Discharging onto Roof
1911-co ----- Excess Shingle Overhang
1910-co ----- Identifying Aluminum and Galvanized Steel

1908-co ----- Integral

1913-co ----- ----- Repairs
1915-co ----- ----- with Screen
1909-co ----- Yankee
2009-co Gypsum Lath versus Drywall

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