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0458-co I joists - Wood

0006-co-and-0007-co-and-0008-co Ice Dam

0083-co ----- at Skylight
2062-co ----- below Skylight
2016-co ----- on Party Walls
1342-co ----- Preventing with Ventilation

0721-co Ice on Gas Regulator

1569-co ----- for Water Heater


0743-co ----- Crossover for Gas Burners
1096-co ----- Gas for Fireplaces
0802-co Ignition - Hot Surface
0543-co Illegal Electrical Taps
0810-co Improper Sidewall Vent Locations for High Efficiency Gas Furnaces
0805-co Improper Sidewall Venting of Gas Appliances
0984-co Improper Slope on Chimney Cap
0519-co Inadequate Wire Clearance over Roofs
0980-co Incomplete Chimney Liner
0341-co Indoor Caulking
0873-co Inoperative Aquastat
0950-co Inserts for Fireplaces - Flue Connections
0786-co Inside and Outside Corners on Siding
0835-co Inspecting an Oil Burner
0816-co Inspecting High Efficiency Furnaces
0859-co Inspecting Pressure Relief Valves on Boilers

0562-co-and-0565-co Inspecting the Service Box and Panels
1161-co Inspection Cap Missing or Damaged for Floor Furnace
0609-co Insulated Ceilings with Potlights

0242-co-and-1889-co Insulated Exterior Basement Stairwell
2069-co Insulated Metal Doors
1382-co Insulating Cathedral and Flat Roofs - Two Strategies
1091-co Insulating Combustion Air Ducts for Fireplaces
1379-co Insulating Cover Missing on Whole House Fan

1391-co Insulating Crawlspaces

1392-co ----- Clues
1394-co Insulating Embedded Joists
1380-co Insulating Flat and Cathedral Roofs
1368-co Insulating Knee Walls
1369-co Insulating Skylight Wells


1381-co ----- Added to Flat and Cathedral Roofs - Evidence
1388-co ----- Adding Exterior Basement
1389-co ----- Adding Interior Basement
1385-co ----- Adding to Solid Masonry Walls
0715-co ----- Behind Radiators
1395-co ----- Combustible in Basements and Crawlspaces
1872-co ----- Combustible in Garages
1329-co ----- Forms
1752-co ----- Holes in Siding
1397-co ----- in Floors over Unheated Areas
1309-co ----- Levels - Recommended
1367-co ----- Missing at Dropped Ceiling
1898-co ----- on Foundation Exteriors
1393-co ----- Rim Joist
1365-co ----- Risks of Adding More
1384-co ----- Short Circuits in Walls

1300-co-1325-co ----- the Basics
1371-co ----- too Close to Chimneys
1327-co ----- Voids and Convective Loops
1366-co ----- Wet below Roof Vents
1819-co Insulbrick

1355-co-and-1401-co Intake and Exhaust Locations for Heat Recovery Ventilators
0082-co Integral Curb Skylight on Sloped Roof

1908-co Integral Gutter

1913-co ----- Repairs
1389-co Interior Basement Insulation - Adding

2019-co-2023-co Interior Ceilings

2065-co-2072-co Interior Doors
2088-co Interior Drainage System for Leaky Basements

1907-co Interior Flat Roof Drain

1932-co ----- Clog

2002-co-2008-co Interior Floors
0401-co Interior Lintel - Sagging

2028-co-2039-co Interior Stairs
2022-co Interior Stairwell Lighting

2009-co-2016-co Interior Walls

2018-co ----- Bulging Plaster due to Creep in Wood Frame
2011-co ----- Common Locations for Water Damages
2010-co ----- Inspecting
2017-co ----- Plaster with Wood Lathe
2013-co ----- Shadow Effect
2012-co ----- Structural Clues
0263-co ----- Used to Repair Foundations
2004-co Interior Water Damage Source to Flooring
0042-co Interlocking Shingle Clay Tile
0801-co Intermittent Pilotlight
1739-co International Style
0089-co Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly
1722-co Ionic Column
0612-co Isolating Links Needed on Pull Chains for Electric Lights
1728-co Italian Renaissance Style
1729-co Italianate Style

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