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----- 2000-co Fire and gas proofing in attached garages
----- 2001-co Look behind window treatments
----- 2002-co Control joints in concrete floors
----- 2003-co Rot around plumbing fixtures
----- 2004-co Sources of interior water damage
----- 2005-co Concrete floor problems
----- 2006-co Hollows
----- 2007-co Causes of rot
----- 2008-co Alternatives for installing ceramic tiles
----- 2009-co Gypsum lath versus drywall
----- 2010-co Inspecting walls
----- 2011-co Common locations for water damage
----- 2012-co Structural clues
----- 2013-co Shadow effect
----- 2014-co Nail pop mechanism
----- 2015-co Wood frame party wall
----- 2016-co Ice dams
----- 2017-co Plaster with wood lathe
----- 2018-co Bulging of plaster due to creep
----- 2019-co Roof truss uplift
----- 2020-co Roof truss uplift - remedial action
----- 2021-co Strapping the underside of trusses
----- 2022-co Stairway lighting
----- 2023-co Sagging ceilings - broken keys
Trim and Counters and Cabinets
----- 2024-co Kinds of trim
----- 2025-co Counter problems
----- 2026-co Loose cabinets can seriously injure people
----- 2027-co Cabinet defects
----- 2028-co Stair dimensions straight stairs
----- 2029-co Curved treads
----- 2030-co Winders
----- 2031-co Stringers
----- 2032-co Stairwell width
----- 2033-co Handrails and guards
----- 2034-co Rot in wood stairs
----- 2035-co Tread-stringer connections
----- 2036-co Stringer movement
----- 2037-co Handrail support
----- 2038-co Fire stopping for stairs
----- 2039-co Stairway lighting
Windows and Skylights and Solariums
----- 2040-co Glazing types
----- 2041-co Window types
----- 2042-co Window components
----- 2043-co Fall protection
----- 2044-co Drain holes
----- 2045-co Flashing pan
----- 2046-co Energy efficiency
----- 2047-co Low-E glass
----- 2048-co Move glass inboard
----- 2049-co Spacing between layers of glass
----- 2050-co Thermal breaks in frames
----- 2051-co Look behind window treatments
----- 2052-co Sloped glazing
----- 2053-co Skylight and solarium leaks
----- 2054-co Lintels sagging or missing
----- 2055-co Window frame deformation
----- 2056-co Window installed backwards
----- 2057-co Flashings over windows
----- 2058-co Watch for faulty windows
----- 2059-co Do not push on upper sash
----- 2060-co Fall protection
----- 2061-co Exit window sizes
----- 2062-co Ice damming below skylight
----- 2063-co Leaking corner of older aluminum frame window
----- 2064-co Blinds and shutters can contribute to window condensation
----- 2065-co Door cores
----- 2066-co Door operation
----- 2067-co French doors
----- 2068-co Lintels sagging or missing
----- 2069-co Insulated metal doors should not have a storm door
----- 2070-co Doorsill support
----- 2071-co Staining below exterior doors
----- 2072-co Man door attached garage
----- 2073-co Racking door opening due to sloping floors
Wet Basement and Crawlspaces
----- 2074-co Causes of wet basement problems
----- 2075-co Roof and surface water control
----- 2076-co Basement windows and stairs
----- 2077-co Swales
----- 2078-co Concrete flaws
----- 2079-co Where cracks appear
----- 2080-co Concrete block walls
----- 2081-co High water table
----- 2082-co Depth of foundation
----- 2083-co Wet basement clues - part 1
----- 2084-co Wet basement clues - part 2
----- 2085-co Why is there a sump pump in the basement
----- 2086-co Control surface water
----- 2087-co Patching cracks
----- 2088-co Interior drainage system
----- 2089-co Excavation and dampproofing and drainage tile
----- 2090-co Crack repair - epoxy and polyurethane injection
----- 2091-co Crack repair - drainage layer
----- 2092-co Crack repair - exterior patching
----- 2093-co Interior drainage system - different approaches
----- 2094-co Basement leakage clues - efflorescence
----- 2095-co Basement leakage clues - rot and stains and water marks
----- 2096-co Basement leakage clues - rust
----- 2097-co Basement leakage clues - crumbling plaster and drywall or masonry


----- 2100-co Electric range components
----- 2101-co Electric range defects
----- 2102-co Gas range components
----- 2103-co Gas range defects

----- 2104-co Microwave oven components
----- 2105-co Microwave oven defects

----- 2106-co Exhaust fan components
----- 2107-co Exhaust fan defects

----- 2108-co Dishwasher components
----- 2109-co Dishwasher defects

----- 2110-co Waster disposer components
----- 2111-co Waste disposer defects

----- 2112-co Trash compactor components
----- 2113-co Trash compactor defects

----- 2114-co Central vacuum system components
----- 2115-co Central vacuum system defects

----- 2116-co Refrigerator components
----- 2117-co Refrigerator defects

----- 2118-co Refrigerator components
----- 2119-co Refrigerator defects

----- 2120-co Electric dryer components
----- 2121-co Electric dryer defects
----- 2122-co Gas dryer components
----- 2123-co Gas dryer defect

----- 2124-co Doorbell components

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