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1815-co J Molding around Windows - Metal and vinyl siding

0386-co Jack Stud Support

0399-co ----- on Wide Openings
1717-co Jalousie or Louver Windows

Jet Pump

1525-co ----- Two Line for Well
1524-co ----- with Single Line for Shallow Wells
1024-co Joining Vent Connector Sections for Wood Furnaces
0327-co Joints - Mortise and Tenon
0058-co Joints in Metal Valley Flashing
1801-co Joints in Siding Boards
0309-co Joist-Beam Connections

0314-co-0334-co Joists

0326-co ----- Attached to Beams with Ledger Boards
0298-co ----- Attached to Steel Beams
0331-co ----- Cantilevered
0427-co ----- Ceiling - Overlapped Splices
0428-co ----- Ceiling - Plywood Splices
0330-co ----- Crack - Causes
0318-co ----- Crown up
1394-co ----- Do not Insulate if Embedded
0323-co ----- End Support
0317-co ----- Fire Cut
0314-co ----- Floors - Types
0329-co ----- Notching and Drilling
0322-co ----- Overlap - Excessive
0319-co ----- Rim
0426-co ----- Roof
0320-co ----- Sagging Correction
0321-co ----- Strapping and Bridging and Blocking
1857-co ----- Support
0458-co ----- Wood I

0552-co-and-0553-co Jumper Wires for Electric Grounds


1832-co Kickout Flashing

1776-co ----- for Stucco
1133-co Kilowatts versus BTUs

0446-co Knee Walls

1368-co ----- Insulating

0602-co-0605-co Knob and Tube Wiring

0604-co ----- Connecting a New Circuit
0603-co ----- Connections


0997-co L Vent
1843-co Landings for Stairways - Exterior

1209-co-and-1301-co Latent Heat of Vaporization
0248-co Lateral Foundation Support by Floors

Lateral Support

0258-co ----- by Basement Floors

0315-co-and-0360-co-and-1766-co ----- for Exterior Masonry Walls
0252-co ----- for Foundation Walls
0961-co ----- for Masonry Chimneys
0311-co ----- for Steel Beams
0312-co ----- for Wood Beams
0418-co Lateral Thrust Causing Cracking around Masonry Arches
1920-co Leaking Downspouts
1912-co Leaking Gutter - Causes
2001-co Leaking Windows - Look Behind Window Treatments
0826-co Leaks - Oil Storage Tanks
2053-co Leaks in Skylights and Solariums
0975-co Leaning Chimneys


1860-co ----- Flashing
0326-co ----- for Joist to Beam Connections
0844-co Length of Exhaust Flue for Oil Furnace
0771-co Length of Vent Connector on Gas Furnace
0614-co Light Fixtures - Importance of Correct Polarity

0607-co-and-2022-co Lighting for Stairways
0612-co Lights Need Isolating Links on Pull Chains
1700-co Linear Plan versus Massed Plan


0980-co ----- for Chimney Incomplete
1038-co ----- for Chimney Flue for Fireplace Inserts
0962-co ----- for Flues - Clay Tile
0612-co Links - Isolating for Pull Chains on Electric Lights


0415-co-0421-co ----- and Arch
0383-co ----- in Load Bearing
0401-co ----- Interior Sagging
0415-co ----- Loads in a Masonry Wall
0416-co ----- Loads in Wood Frame Walls
0368-co ----- Related Wall Cracks
1759-co ----- Rusting in Masonry Wall
1078-co ----- Rusting and Sagging or Loose on Fireplace
2054-co ----- Sagging or Missing for Window
2068-co ----- Sagging or Missing on Door

----- Steel

0420-co ----- ----- End Bearing
0358-co ----- ----- in Brick Veneer Wall

----- Wood

0421-co ----- ----- End Bearing
0359-co ----- ----- Solid Masonry in Wall
0383-co Load Bearing Wall with Lintel
0277-co Load Distribution on Floors
0619-co Load Miser - Electrical
0297-co Load Transfer in Houses
0313-co Loads - Concentrated in Structures


0611-co ----- for Heat Lamps - Poor
1166-co ----- Issues for Gas Fireplaces
1373-co ----- of Air Leakage in Homes
1112-co ----- of Boiler Feed Pump for Steam Heat
0537-co ----- of Electric Meter
0863-co ----- of Pressure Reducing Valve on Boilers
0858-co ----- of Pressure Relief Valves on Boilers
0779-co ----- of Supply and Return Registers
1339-co ----- of Vapor Barriers
0797-co ----- Problems with Supply and Return Registers on Forced Air Systems
0806-co Long Heat Exchangers in High Efficiency Gas Furnaces
0019-co Longitudinal Shrinkage in Wood

1894-co-1906-co Lot Grading
1717-co Louver or Jalousie Windows
0795-co Low and High Returns for Forced Air Systems
0112-co Low Quality Built-up Roof-Wall Flashing

Low Slope

0001-co ----- Roof - Defined
0016-co ----- Shingle Application - Roofing

Low Water Cut-out

1114-co-and-1119-co ----- for Steam Boiler
0861-co ----- on Hot Water Boilers
2047-co Low-E Glass

Lowered Basement Floors

0233-co ----- Bench Footings
0234-co ----- Underpinning

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