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1125-co Main Air Vent on Steam Heating
0532-co Main Electrical Panel

Main Fuses

0545-co ----- Downstream of Disconnect Switch
0542-co ----- must be Properly Sized
0532-co Main Panel - Electric
1533-co Main Shut Off Valve for Plumbing - Stop and Waste
0037-co Making Babies for Slate Repairs

1871-co-and-2072-co Man Door in Garage
1348-co Mansard and Gambrel Roofs - Venting
0002-co Mansard Roof
1326-co Marks on Walls due to Thermal Bridging
0418-co Masonry Arches - Cracking due to Lateral Thrust
1952-co Masonry Block Retaining Walls need Rebar and Cap
0352-co Masonry Cavity Wall

0957-co Masonry Chimney

0959-co ----- and Fireplace Components
0958-co ----- Components
0961-co ----- Lateral Support
1067-co ----- Settling
0971-co ----- Tall

Masonry Damage

1757-co ----- due to Freezing
1756-co ----- Rising Damp
1062-co Masonry Fireplace Components
1761-co Masonry Mortar Joints
0268-co Masonry Piers - Hollow Channels must be Vertical
1758-co Masonry Repointing

0076-co-and-0077-co Masonry Roof-Side Wall Flashings

0403-co-and-1765-co Masonry Tie Detail in Brick Veneer Wall

0390-co-0399-co Masonry Veneer Wall

1764-co ----- Bowed
0402-co ----- Construction Detail
0403-co ----- Masonry Tie Detail
1753-co ----- vs Solid Masonry
0406-co ----- Weep Holes

0351-co-0377-co Masonry Wall

1385-co ----- adding Insulation

0316-co-and-0369-co-and-1767-co ----- Bowing
0357-co ----- Extending above Ceiling Joists

0315-co-and-0356-co ----- Lateral Support
0415-co ----- Lintel Loads
1766-co ----- needs Lateral Support
0212-co ----- on Brick Foundation
0213-co ----- on Stone Foundation
0351-co ----- Solid
0355-co ----- with Diagonal Brick Bond
1759-co ----- with Rusting Lintels
0359-co ----- with Wood Lintel
1700-co Massed Plan versus Linear Plan
0215-co Mat and Raft Foundations
0808-co Maximizing Temperature Differences in High Efficiency Gas Furnaces
0746-co Mercury Bulb Thermostat

1811-co-1815-co Metal and Vinyl Siding

0996-co-1010-co Metal Chimney

1010-co ----- Adjacent - Different Heights
1002-co ----- Bracing
1005-co ----- Cap Missing
0998-co ----- Class A
1003-co ----- Combustible Clearances
1007-co ----- Height
1009-co ----- Not Continuous Through Roof
1008-co ----- Offset From Vertical
1006-co ----- Pitting or Rusting
0999-co ----- Triple-Wall
0115-co Metal Clad Parapet Wall
2069-co Metal Doors - Insulated
0011-co Metal Drip Edge - Roofing

Metal Firebox

1076-co ----- Flue Liner Issue
1075-co ----- Clearance
0058-co Metal Flashing Joints
0049-co Metal Shingles

Metal Siding

1814-co ----- Flashing below Windows
1813-co ----- Mounting Blocks
1812-co ----- Nailing too Tightly
1069-co Metal Spark Strip for Fireplace Hearths
0382-co Metal Ties for Connections in Single Top Plates

0057-co Metal Valley Flashing

0060-co ----- Alternate Applications
0061-co ----- with Upstand Up
0059-co ----- Secured With Cleats

0996-co-1010-co Metal Vent

0996-co ----- B Vent
0997-co ----- L Vent
1001-co ----- Piece Connections
0722-co Meter for Gas - Poor Location
0537-co Meter Location - Electric

Mid Efficiency

0801-co-0805-co ----- Gas Furnace
0847-co ----- Oil Furnace
1157-co Minimum Vent Height for Wall Furnace
0619-co Miser - Electrical - load
1005-co Missing Chimney Cap - Metal
1367-co Missing Insulation at Dropped Ceiling
1741-co Mission Style Home
0964-co Miter Flue Liners
1799-co Mitered Corners on Wood Siding
0899-co Mixing Systems for Hot Water Heating
1738-co Modernistic Style

0097-co-0099-co Modified Bitumen Roof

0097-co ----- Single-ply
0099-co ----- Staggering Side Laps in Single-ply
0098-co ----- Two-ply
0105-co Modified Bitumen Roof-Wall Flashing


1390-co ----- Control in Basements

1319-co-and-1325-co ----- Controlling in Hot Climates
1312-co ----- How it Moves
1398-co ----- Reducing
1318-co ----- Trapped behind Siding
0208-co Monolithic Slab - Slab-on-grade
0741-co Monoport Gas Burners
1761-co Mortar Joints - Common
1762-co Mortar Joints in Brick Walls
0327-co Mortise and Tenon Joints
1813-co Mounting Blocks for Metal and Vinyl Siding
0541-co Mounting of Electrical Panels
1312-co Movement of Moisture
1951-co Movements of Retaining Wall

0228-co-and-1876-co Mud Jacking
0283-co Mud Sill
1718-co Mullion

Multi-Wire Branch Circuits

0618-co ----- Electrical Wiring for
0578-co ----- Over-current Protection
0581-co ----- Pull-out Fuse Blocks
1718-co Muntin

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