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0033-co Nail Details - Slate Roofing

2014-co Nail Popping

1773-co ----- on Stucco
1792-co Nailing Controversy on Siding

Nailing Details

0025-co ----- for Cedar Shakes
0022-co ----- For Wood Shingle Roots
1796-co ----- for Wood Shingle Siding

0011-co-and-0013-co Nailing of Asphalt Shingles
0305-co Nailing of Wood Built-up Beams
0279-co Nails - Good in Shear
0310-co Nails in Joist Hangers
0734-co Natural Draft Burners
0556-co Need for Ground in Subpanel Feeder Wires
0071-co Neoprene Plumbing Stack Flashing
0554-co Neutral and Ground Wires should not be Bonded Downstream of Service Box
1314-co Neutral Pressure Plane
0544-co Neutral Wires Bypassing the Service Box
1711-co Nogging
0333-co Non-load Bearing Walls

Notches and Holes

0381-co ----- in Top Plates of Bearing Walls
0304-co ----- in Beams
0329-co Notching and Drilling in Joists
0390-co Notching and Drilling Studs
0396-co Notching of Studs
0589-co Number of Electrical Conductors


0625-co Obsolete Electrical Push-button Switches
0989-co Obstructed Flue or Vent Connector
0846-co Obstruction in Exhaust Flue on Oil Furnaces
0400-co Offset Bearing Walls
0963-co Offsets in Chimneys
0994-co Oil and Wood Appliances Connected to Chimney on Same Floor Level

Oil Burner

0832-co ----- Atomizing
0840-co ----- Barometric Damper Problems
0825-co ----- Clearance from Oil Storage Tanks
0838-co ----- Flame Sensor
0835-co ----- Inspecting
0833-co ----- with Flame Retention Head
1561-co Oil Fired Water Heaters

Oil Furnace

0839-co ----- Barometric Damper
0831-co ----- Emergency Shutoffs

----- Exhaust Flue

0845-co ----- ----- Clearances
0844-co ----- ----- Length
0842-co ----- ----- Slope
0843-co ----- ----- Support
0847-co ----- Mid Efficiency
0846-co ----- Obstruction in Exhaust Flue
0834-co ----- Primary Control
0848-co ----- Sidewall Vent Problems
0847-co ----- Sidewall Vented
0841-co ----- Spillage from Barometric Damper
0834-co ----- Stack Controller
0834-co ----- Stack Relay

0823-co-0831-co Oil Storage Tank

0823-co ----- Buried
0829-co ----- Caps for Fill and Vent Pipes
0825-co ----- Clearance from Oil Burner
1054-co ----- Clearances from Wood Stoves
0824-co ----- Exterior above Ground
0828-co ----- Fill and Vent Piping
0826-co ----- Leaks
0827-co ----- Underground
0830-co ----- Undersized Fill Lines
1034-co Oil-Wood Furnace
1320-co Old and New Construction Re-insulating
0566-co Old Wiring Systems with Fused Neutrals

One Flue

0992-co ----- Serving Two Fireplaces
0993-co ----- Serving Two Gas Appliances
0882-co One Pipe Hot Water Heating System
0266-co One-Third Rule for Wall Stability
0506-co One-Twenty Volt Circuit - Color-coding
0505-co One-Twenty-Two-Forty Volts
0879-co Open Hot Water Heating System
0879-co Open Hydronic System
0053-co Open Roof Valleys

1881-co-1885-co Openers for Garage Doors
0540-co Openings in Electric Panels
0445-co Openings in Roofs
1720-co Oriel Window
1806-co Oriented Strandboard OSB Siding
0389-co Oriented Strandboard Sheathing
0877-co Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor for Boiler
1337-co Outdoor Caulking
1090-co Outdoor Combustion Air for Fireplace
0738-co Outdoor Combustion Air Supplies
0704-co Outdoor Fire
1092-co Outdoor Intake Screening for Combustion Air for Fireplaces


0620-co ----- and Switches in Bathrooms - Electrical
0623-co ----- in Floors or Countertops
0621-co ----- near Basins
0622-co ----- should not be above Electric Baseboard Heaters
0578-co Over-current Protection for Multi-wire Branch Circuits
0887-co Overflow Pipe for Expansion Tanks on Hot Water Heating Systems

Overhang for Gable

0436-co ----- less than 16 Inches
0437-co ----- more than 16 Inches
0385-co Overhangs of Wall Plate
0588-co Overhead Electrical Wire - Stranded

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