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0209-co Pad Footings and Spread Footings
1719-co Palladian Window


0538-co ----- Clearances - Electric
0534-co ----- Electrical
0541-co ----- Mounting - Electric
0540-co ----- Openings - Electrical
0460-co ----- Roof Sheathing
0539-co ----- Securement - Electrical
1807-co ----- Siding - Vertical Joints
0583-co ----- Wires - Excess Sheathing on Electrical
0511-co Parallel Circuits for Household Wiring

Parapet Wall

0115-co ----- Metal Clad
1754-co ----- Prone to Damage
1823-co Parging on Exterior Foundation Walls


0391-co ----- and Bearing Wall Identification
0397-co ----- Studs - Straightening
0333-co ----- Walls

Party Wall

2016-co ----- Ice Dams
2015-co ----- Wood Frame
0091-co Patched Flat Roofs
0004-co Patched Roofing
2087-co Patching Cracks in Basement Walls
1943-co Patios - Raised

1719-co-and-1721-co Pediments
1043-co Pellet Stoves
0030-co Pennsylvania Slate
1303-co People Releasing Heat
1890-co Perimeter Drainage Tile around Exterior Basement Stairwells
1885-co Photo-eye for Garage Door Openers
0211-co Pier Foundations


0246-co ----- Heaving of Deck
0268-co ----- Hollowed Channels must be Vertical in Masonry
0245-co ----- on Deck - Adfreezing
0267-co ----- Things to Watch for
0269-co ----- Wooden - Things to Look for
0577-co Pig-Tailing of Electrical Connections to Avoid Double Taps

0260-co-and-1721-co Pilaster


0210-co ----- Foundations
1948-co ----- Retaining Walls
0230-co Piles to Stabilize Foundations
1866-co Pillars - Hinged - Affect Roof Structure


0747-co ----- Continuous
0802-co ----- Intermittent
0748-co ----- Re-Lighting
1539-co Pipe Connection - Soldered
0893-co Pipe Corrosion in Hot Water Heating System
1505-co Pipe Replacement in Plumbing System - Downstream versus Upstream
1526-co Piston Pump for Well
0120-co Pitch Pans Pockets for Roof Penetrations
1517-co Pits for Wells
1006-co Pitting or Rusting Metal Chimneys
1751-co Planters or Gardens against Walls
2013-co Plaster - Shadow Effect

0101-co-and-0102-co Plastic Roofing
1554-co Plastic Supply Pipe Clearances to Vent Connectors
0378-co Platform versus Balloon Framing
1147-co Plenum Heater


1546-co ----- Air Gap
1547-co ----- Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
1536-co ----- Ball Valve
1558-co ----- Bending Radius for Polybutylene Pipe
1541-co ----- Compression Fitting
1508-co ----- Constant Water Flow can wear out Pipes
1538-co ----- Copper Supply Pipe - Types
1553-co ----- Correcting Water Hammer
1545-co ----- Cross Connections
1543-co ----- Dielectric Union
1551-co ----- Dishwasher Air Gap
1549-co ----- Double Check Valve Assembly
1505-co ----- Downstream versus Upstream Pipe Replacement
1506-co ----- Elbows and T Reduce Pressure
1540-co ----- Flare Fitting
1504-co ----- Galvanized Steel Pipe
1535-co ----- Gate Valve
1534-co ----- Globe Valve
1544-co ----- Hangers for Copper Pipe
1636-co ----- Issues with Old Clay Pipe Sewer
1510-co ----- Larger Diameter Pipe to Water Heater
1533-co ----- Main Shut Off Valve
1635-co ----- Pinholing and Cracks in Cast Iron Stacks
1554-co ----- Plastic Supply Pipe Clearances to Vent Connectors

----- Polybutylene Pipe

1557-co ----- ----- Compression Fitting
1556-co ----- ----- Crimp Fitting
1555-co ----- ----- 18 Inches from Water Heater

----- Pressure

1509-co ----- ----- Decreases with Height
1501-co ----- ----- Drops as Flow Rate Increases
1507-co ----- ----- Regulator Required
1548-co ----- ----- Type Vacuum Breaker

1512-co-1530-co ----- Private Water Sources
1550-co ----- Reduced Pressure Principle Device
1532-co ----- Separate Water Service from Sewer Pipe
1531-co ----- Services Piping
1539-co ----- Soldered Pipe Connection
1648-co ----- S-traps Can Lead to Siphoning

0071-co-and-0072-co ----- Stack Flashings

0119-co ----- ----- Cone-Style
0118-co ----- ----- Stack jack
0072-co ----- ----- Stretched or Buckled
1502-co ----- Static Water Pressure
1669-co ----- Warning Signs for Tile Beds - Septic Systems

1559-co-1615-co ----- Water Heaters
1500-co ----- Water Supply Factors


1804-co ----- and Composite Siding
0428-co ----- Ceiling Joist Splices
0460-co ----- Roof Sheathing
0338-co ----- Subflooring


0614-co ----- Importance on Light Fixtures
0613-co ----- Reversed - Electrical

Polybutylene Pipe

1558-co ----- Bending Radius
1557-co ----- Compression Fitting
1556-co ----- Crimp Fitting
1330-co Polystyrene Insulation - Types
0096-co Ponding on Flat Roofs
0527-co Poor Electrical Seal at House-Wall Penetration
0722-co Poor Gas Meter Locations
1058-co Poor Vent Connection at Chimney - Wood Stove

1836-co Porches

1855-co ----- Beam - Poor End Support
1856-co ----- Beam Rotation
1854-co ----- Beam Sag
1853-co ----- Beams
1852-co ----- Column Hinge Point
1851-co ----- Column Materials
1858-co ----- Floor Sag
1857-co ----- Joist Support
1864-co ----- or Deck Board Sagging
1867-co ----- Skirting
0341-co Post-tensioned and Pre-stressed Concrete Floor Slabs
0502-co Potential - Electrical
1373-co Potential Air Leakage Location


1338-co ----- and Air Leakage
0609-co ----- in Insulated Ceilings
0610-co ----- Need Proper Bulbs
1377-co Power Vents in Attic
1736-co Prairie Style Home
1946-co Precast Concrete Retaining Walls System
0015-co Premature Failure of Fiberglass Shingles

0216-co-and-1822-co Preserved Wood Foundations
1501-co Pressure Drops as Flow Rate Increases
1876-co Pressure Grouting
1314-co Pressure Plane - Neutral

Pressure Reducing Valve

0863-co ----- Location on Boilers
0866-co ----- on Boiler
0870-co Pressure Reducing-Relief Valve Installed Backwards on Boilers

1507-co-and-1537-co Pressure Regulator for Supply Plumbing

Pressure Relief Valve

1115-co ----- for Steam Heat
0858-co ----- Location on Boilers
0857-co ----- on Boilers
0859-co ----- on Boilers - Inspecting
0868-co Pressure Set too Low in Boiler

Pressure Tank

1528-co ----- and Pump Controls for Well Water
1529-co ----- Bladder Type for Wells
1530-co ----- Water Logged - Short Cycling
1548-co Pressure Type Vacuum Breaker

1116-co-and-1121-co Pressuretrol for Steam Heat
0341-co Pre-stressed and Post-tensioned Concrete Floor Slabs
0007-co Preventing Ice Dams
0872-co Primary Control - Aquastat on Boiler
0834-co Primary Control for Oil Furnace

1512-co-1530-co Private Water Sources for Plumbing
0376-co Projection for Masonry Veneer
0542-co Proper Sizing of Main Electrical Fuses
0019-co Properties of Wood
0089-co Protected Roof Membrane Assembly

1531-co-1537-co Public Water Supply for Plumbing
0612-co Pull Chains Need Isolating Links on Electric Lights
1363-co Pull-down Attic Stairs

Pull-out Fuse Blocks

0559-co ----- for 240-volt Circuits
0581-co ----- for Multi-Wire Branch Circuits and 240-volt Circuits


0910-co ----- Combustion
0813-co ----- Furnace Heat Exchanger Components
0812-co ----- Furnace How It Works


1523-co ----- Centrifugal for Well
0874-co ----- Control for Boilers
1528-co ----- Controls for Well
1522-co ----- for Well - Types
1526-co ----- Piston Type for Well
1524-co ----- Single Line Jet with Shallow Wells
1527-co ----- Submersible for Drilled Well
0875-co ----- with Zone Control on Boiler
0446-co Purlins
0510-co Purpose of Fuses
0625-co Push-Button Electrical Switches are Obsolete
1826-co Putty glazing compound


0101-co ----- Roof Membrane
0102-co ----- Roof Membrane Problems
0113-co ----- Roof-Wall Flashing

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