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Flow and Pressure
----- 1500-co Factors affecting supply of water
----- 1501-co Pressure drop as flow rate increases
----- 1502-co Static water pressure
----- 1503-co 3-4 inch pipe is more than twice as big as 1-2 inch pipe
----- 1504-co Galvanized steel pipe
----- 1505-co Downstream versus upstream pipe replacement
----- 1506-co Elbows and tees reduce pressure
----- 1507-co Pressure regulator required
----- 1508-co Constant water flow velocity can wear out pipes
----- 1509-co Pressure decreases with height
----- 1510-co Larger diameter pipe to water heater
----- 1511-co Pressure decreases with height
Private Water Sources
----- 1512-co Draw down test
----- 1513-co Dug wells
----- 1514-co Bored wells
----- 1515-co Drilled wells
----- 1516-co Casings for drilled wells
----- 1517-co Well pits
----- 1518-co Static head
----- 1519-co Well location
----- 1520-co Deep wells and shallow wells
----- 1521-co Foot valve
----- 1522-co Types of pumps
----- 1523-co Centrifugal pump
----- 1524-co Shallow well with single line jet pump
----- 1525-co Two line jet pump
----- 1526-co Piston pump
----- 1527-co Drilled well with submersible pump
----- 1528-co Pressure tank components and pump controls
----- 1529-co Bladder-type pressure tank
----- 1530-co Waterlogged pressure tank - short-cycling
Public Water Service
----- 1531-co Service piping - when different types were used
----- 1532-co Separate water service from sewer pipe
----- 1533-co Main shut off valve - stop and waste
----- 1534-co Globe valve
----- 1535-co Gate valve
----- 1536-co Ball valve
----- 1537-co Pressure regulator required
Distribution Piping in the House
----- 1538-co Types of copper supply pipe
----- 1539-co Soldered pipe connection
----- 1540-co Flare fitting
----- 1541-co Compression fitting
----- 1542-co Galvanized steel pipe
----- 1543-co Dielectric union
----- 1544-co Hangers for copper pipe
----- 1545-co Cross connections
----- 1546-co Air gap
----- 1547-co Atmospheric vacuum breaker
----- 1548-co Pressure type vacuum breaker
----- 1549-co Double check valve assembly
----- 1550-co Reduced pressure principle device
----- 1551-co Dishwasher air gap
----- 1552-co Atmospheric vacuum breaker
----- 1553-co Correcting water hammer
----- 1554-co Vent connectors and clearances to plastic supply pipe
----- 1555-co Polybutylene pipe should be at least 18inches from water heaters
----- 1556-co Polybutylene pipe - crimp fitting
----- 1557-co Polybutylene pipe - compression grip fitting
----- 1558-co Bend radius for polybutylene pipe

----- 1559-co Sacrificial anode
----- 1560-co Vacuum relief valve
----- 1561-co Oil-fired water heater
----- 1562-co Gas water heater
----- 1563-co External floating tank water heater oil-fired
----- 1564-co Dip tube
----- 1565-co Sacrificial anode
----- 1566-co Recovery rate
----- 1567-co Electric water heater
----- 1568-co Electric water heater - element sequencing
Gas Piping and Burners and Venting
----- 1569-co Ice on regulator
----- 1570-co Poor meter locations
----- 1571-co Gas piping support
----- 1572-co Drip leg
----- 1573-co Gas shut off valves
----- 1574-co Teflon tape at connections
----- 1575-co Scorching
----- 1576-co Vent connector length
----- 1577-co Poor connections
----- 1578-co Vent clearances
----- 1579-co Size of vent connector
----- 1580-co Chimney-vent connections
----- 1581-co Vent connector extends too far into chimney
----- 1582-co Poor location of gas pressure relief valve
Oil Tanks and Burners and Venting
----- 1583-co Oil storage tanks - clearance from oil burner
----- 1584-co Oil storage tanks leaks
----- 1585-co Buried oil storage tank
----- 1586-co Undersized fill lines
----- 1587-co Primary control
----- 1588-co Refractory-fire pot
----- 1589-co Primary control
----- 1590-co Barometric damper
----- 1591-co Exhaust flue support
----- 1592-co Exhaust flue length
----- 1593-co Exhaust flue clearances
Conventional Tank Type Water Heaters
----- 1594-co Relative recovery rates
----- 1595-co BTUs per hour compared to kilowatts
----- 1596-co Gas burner cover and roll out shield
----- 1597-co Working space around water heaters
----- 1598-co Water heaters in garages
----- 1599-co Superheated water
----- 1600-co Temperature-pressure relief valve
----- 1601-co Gas shut off on high temperature
----- 1602-co Baffle collapsed or missing
----- 1603-co Isolating and drain valves
----- 1604-co Multiple water heaters are installed in parallel
----- 1605-co Circulating hot water system
----- 1606-co Power vented water heater
----- 1607-co Improper side wall vent locations
High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters
----- 1608-co High-efficiency gas water heaters
Combination Systems
----- 1609-co Combination systems
----- 1610-co Tempering valve required
----- 1611-co Boilers heat domestic water
Tankless Coils
----- 1612-co Tankless coil
----- 1613-co Side arm heater
----- 1614-co Tempering valve with tankless coil
----- 1615-co Instantaneous water heater

----- 1616-co Too little or too much slope is not good
----- 1617-co Trap terminology
----- 1618-co Trap cleanout required
----- 1619-co No traps for toilets
----- 1620-co Trap Primer
----- 1621-co Vent terminology
----- 1622-co Soil stack versus waste stack
----- 1623-co Stack vent
----- 1624-co Proper vent location relative to trap
----- 1625-co Direct venting
----- 1626-co Wet venting
Drain Piping Materials and Problems
----- 1627-co Connecting cast iron waste pipe - hubless
----- 1628-co Cast iron waste pipe - bell and spigot
----- 1629-co Hangers for copper pipe
----- 1630-co Cross connections
----- 1631-co Dishwasher air gap
----- 1632-co Standpipe
----- 1633-co Condensate discharge locations
----- 1634-co Connecting vertical drain pipes to horizontal drain pipes
----- 1635-co Pinholing and cracks in cast iron stacks
----- 1636-co Issues with old clay pipe sewer
----- 1637-co Trap cleanout required
----- 1638-co Building trap - older installation
----- 1639-co Building trap - new installation
----- 1640-co Illegal traps
----- 1641-co Double trapping does not work
----- 1642-co Tail piece too long
----- 1643-co Venting an island sink below-floor trap permitted
----- 1644-co Loop vent or circuit vent for an island sink
----- 1645-co Proper vent location relative to trap
----- 1646-co Trap terminology
----- 1647-co Trap Primer
----- 1648-co S-traps can lead to siphoning
Floor Drains
----- 1649-co Backwater valve
----- 1650-co Downspout connection upstream of trap
Venting Systems
----- 1651-co Flashing problems
----- 1652-co Horizontal vent offset
----- 1653-co Vent on the wrong side of the trap
----- 1654-co Wet venting
----- 1655-co Venting an island sink if below-floor trap not permitted
----- 1656-co Another alternate island venting arrangement
----- 1657-co Vent too tall
----- 1658-co Plumbing vent clearances
----- 1659-co Automatic air vent
Sewage Ejector Pumps
----- 1660-co Sewage ejector pump
Sump Pumps
----- 1661-co Sump pump
Laundry Tub Pumps
----- 1662-co Laundry tub pump
Septic Systems
----- 1663-co Septic tank two compartment
----- 1664-co Tile beds
----- 1665-co Tile bed location
----- 1666-co Dosing chamber
----- 1667-co Seepage pit
----- 1668-co Septic tank pump-out
----- 1669-co Warning signs for tile beds

----- 1670-co Hot-cold conventions
Basins and Sinks and Laundry Tubs
----- 1671-co Rusting overflow
----- 1672-co Compression faucet
----- 1673-co Correcting water hammer
----- 1674-co Hot-cold conventions
----- 1675-co Shut off valves for outside faucets
----- 1676-co Atmospheric vacuum breaker
----- 1677-co Toilet flushing actions
----- 1678-co Supply tubes
----- 1679-co Loose toilet
----- 1680-co Toilet flush mechanism
----- 1681-co Bidets
----- 1682-co Tubs without tile lips more prone to leakage
----- 1683-co Do not test overflows
----- 1684-co Inspecting a bathtub
Tub and Shower Stall Enclosures
----- 1685-co Bathtubs on exterior walls
----- 1686-co Windows over bathtubs are not a good idea
----- 1687-co Bathroom outlets and switches
Shower Stalls
----- 1688-co One-piece shower stalls
----- 1689-co Acrylic base
----- 1690-co Metal showers are bad
----- 1691-co Tile mortar base
----- 1692-co Cement board installation
----- 1693-co Expansion and debonding of tile
Whirlpool Baths
----- 1694-co Whirlpool bath
----- 1695-co Make sure the jets are submerged before testing
----- 1696-co Bathroom outlets and switches

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