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1733-co Queen Anne Details
1732-co Queen Anne Style Home
1712-co Quoining


0388-co Racking Resistance of Wood Frame Wall
0019-co Radial Shrinkage of Wood
1331-co Radiant Barriers

Radiant Heat

1151-co ----- at Ceilings - Electric
0714-co ----- at Floors - Electric
0714-co ----- Electric
0903-co ----- Hot Water
0905-co Radiant Hot Water Heating with Water Blender


0869-co ----- Air Bleed Valves - Do not Operate
0895-co ----- Covering Reduces Efficiency
0851-co ----- Covers on Hot Water Heating Systems
0850-co ----- Heats the Air through Convection
0720-co ----- Insulation Behind
0900-co ----- on Ceilings or High on Walls
0850-co ----- on Hot Water Heating Systems
0901-co ----- Valve Leaks
1558-co Radius of Bending for Polybutylene Pipe
0215-co Raft and Mat Foundations


0429-co ----- End Bearing
0430-co ----- Hip and Valley
0431-co ----- Span Determined by Horizontal Projection
0446-co ----- Spans - Reducing
0426-co ----- versus Roof Joist
0983-co Rain Caps and Spark Arresters for Chimneys

1763-co Rain Screen Principle - Vented

0405-co ----- Weep Holes
1071-co Raised Hearth for Fireplaces
1943-co Raised Patios
0223-co Ravine Lots and Foundation Problems
0615-co Receptacle - Wrong Type of Electrical
0609-co Recessed Light Fixtures in Insulated Ceilings
1346-co Recommended Amount of Attic Ventilation
1309-co Recommended Insulation Levels
1566-co Recovery Rate for Water Heater
0020-co Red Label Wood Shingles
1550-co Reduced Pressure Principle Device - Plumbing
1398-co Reducing Moisture Levels
0744-co Refractory-Firepot

1248-co-1251-co Refrigerant Line for Air Conditioning

1249-co ----- Filter-Dryer
1251-co ----- Leaks
1250-co ----- Sight Glass
0798-co Registers for Heating Systems in Basements
0721-co Regulator for Gas - Ice
0258-co Reinforcing Foundation from Inside
1311-co Relative Humidity
0748-co Re-lighting Pilot Light
0441-co Remedial Action for Roof Spreading
0969-co Removing Abandoned Chimneys
0313-co Removing or Altering Walls - Concentrated loads
0794-co Renovations Remove Forced Air Ducts
1758-co Repointing
0503-co Resistance - Electric

1945-co-1954-co Retaining Wall

1947-co ----- Cantilevered Concrete
1950-co ----- Drainage
1945-co ----- Gabion
1953-co ----- Inspecting
1952-co ----- Masonry needs Rebar and Cap
1951-co ----- Moving or Cracking
1948-co ----- Pile
1946-co ----- System - Precast Concrete
1954-co ----- Weep Holes
1949-co ----- Wood

Return Air Grill

0799-co ----- in Furnace Room
1260-co ----- High and Low for Air Conditioning
0779-co Return and Supply Register Locations

Return Ducts

1029-co ----- Combustible for Wood Furnaces
0792-co ----- in Floor Joists
1033-co Reverse Flow through Duct Arrangement for Wood Furnace
0613-co Reverse Polarity - Electrical
1884-co Reversing Mechanism for Garage Doors
0032-co Ribbons in Slate
0434-co Ridge Board not Required
0433-co Ridge Boards
0018-co Ridge Shingles - Asphalt Shingle Roofing
0432-co Ridge Support for Roof
0095-co Ridging on Flat Roofs
1393-co Rim Joist Insulation
0319-co Rim Joists
0001-co Rise - Roof
1842-co Rise and Run and Tread Width for Stairs

1756-co Rising Damp

0294-co ----- in Masonry Column
1365-co Risks of Adding More Insulation
0231-co Rods and Channels to Stabilize House Movement

Roll Roofing 0051-co-and-0052-co-and-103

0052-co ----- Problems


2075-co ----- and Surface Water Control for Building

----- Board

0459-co ----- ----- Insulation
0459-co ----- ----- Sheathing

----- Cathedral

1383-co ----- ----- Channeled vents versus cross ventilation
1347-co ----- ----- Venting
1705-co ----- Details
0438-co ----- Dormer Framing

0088-co-and-1929-co ----- Drainage Systems - Flat
1907-co ----- Drains - Interior on Flat Roofs
0100-co ----- EPDM
1702-co ----- Flat
1381-co ----- Flat and Cathedral - Evidence of Insulation Added

----- Gable Overhang

0436-co ----- ----- less than 16 Inches
0437-co ----- ----- more than 16 Inches
0435-co ----- Gable Wall for
1380-co ----- Insulating Flat and Cathedral

----- Intersection

0077-co ----- ----- with Brick Wall above Flashings
0078-co ----- ----- with Siding above - Flashing
0426-co ----- Joists versus Roof Rafters
0089-co ----- Membrane Assembly - Inverted or Protected
0445-co ----- Openings
1893-co ----- or Cover for Exterior Basement Stairwells

0101-co-and-0102-co ----- Plastic

0101-co-and-0102-co ----- PVC

----- Rafter

0431-co ----- ----- Horizontal Projection Determines Span
0446-co ----- ----- Span Reduction

----- Ridge

0433-co ----- ----- Board
0434-co ----- ----- Board not Required
0432-co ----- ----- Support

0459-co-0471-co ----- Sheathing

1378-co ----- ----- Delaminating 0471-co

0471-co ----- ----- H-clips and Spacing
0460-co ----- ----- Panel Type
0459-co ----- ----- Sheathing Boards

0001-co-and-0423-co ----- Slopes
0439-co ----- Soffits

0440-co ----- Spreading

0425-co ----- ----- Dishing and Sagging
0441-co ----- ----- Remedial Action

----- Steel-Framed Rafters and Roof Joists and Ceiling Joists

0447-co ----- ----- Typical Assembly-Components
0448-co ----- ----- Typical Details
1866-co ----- Structure affected by Hinged Columns

0101-co-and-0102-co ----- Thermoplastic

0451-co-0456-co ----- Truss

0451-co ----- ----- Overview
0453-co ----- ----- Sag or Damage Caused by Drifting Snow

0451-co-and-2021-co ----- ----- Strapping the Underside
0456-co ----- ----- too Long
0452-co ----- ----- Types

0454-co-and-2019-co ----- ----- Uplift

0455-co-and-2020-co ----- ----- Uplift Remedial Action
1344-co ----- Turbine Vents
1382-co ----- Two Strategies for Insulating Flat and Cathedral

0002-co-and-0422-co ----- Types
0053-co ----- Valleys - Open and Closed
1348-co ----- Ventilating Mansard and Gambrel

1341-co-1348-co ----- Ventilation

0007-co-and-1342-co ----- ----- Helps Prevent Ice Dams
1341-co ----- ----- Helps Reduce Attic Heat

----- Vents

1343-co ----- ----- Type and Location
1366-co ----- ----- Wet Insulation Below
1704-co ----- with Bell-cast Eave
1918-co ----- with Downspout Running Across
0076-co Roof-Masonry Sidewall Flashing

0073-co Roof-Sidewall Flashing

0075-co ----- Clay Tile
1750-co Roof-Siding Clearance too Small
0424-co Roof-Wall Anchoring

0073-co-0078-co Roof-Wall Flashings

0113-co ----- EPDM or PVC
0104-co ----- in Built-up Flat Roof
0105-co ----- Modified Bitumen


0017-co ----- Asphalt Shingle Fastener Problems
0016-co ----- Low Slope Shingle Application

----- Membrane

0092-co ----- ----- Blisters in Built-up
0090-co ----- ----- Four-ply Built-up

0049-co-and-0050-co ----- Metal

0049-co ----- ----- Shingles
0004-co ----- Patched
0050-co ----- Sheet Metal
0030-co ----- Slate Types
1162-co Room Heaters - Gas Fired - Combustible Clearances


1846-co ----- in Exterior Wood Stairs
2003-co ----- in Flooring around Plumbing Fixtures
2007-co ----- in Floors - Causes
2034-co ----- in Wood Stairs
0380-co ----- Location in Walls
0300-co Rotated or Twisted Beams
0236-co Rotational Settlement Cracks
0001-co Run - Roof
1842-co Run and Rise and Tread Width for Stairs
1006-co Rusting and-or Pitting Metal Chimneys
1759-co Rusting Lintels in Masonry Walls
1308-co R-value per Inch

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