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Steep Roofing
----- 0001-co Roof slopes
----- 0002-co Steep roof types
----- 0003-co Dormer gutters discharging onto roof
----- 0004-co Patched roofing
----- 0005-co Vulnerable areas
----- 0006-co Ice dams
----- 0007-co Preventing ice dams with ventilation
----- 0008-co Eave protection against ice dams
----- 0009-co Avalanche guards
Asphalt Shingles
----- 0010-co Asphalt shingle composition
----- 0011-co Typical asphalt shingle application - showing metal drip edge
----- 0012-co Self-sealing tabs
----- 0013-co Asphalt shingle application - showing alternate starter course arrangement
----- 0014-co Cutting the points
----- 0015-co Premature failure of fiberglass shingles
----- 0016-co Low slope shingle application
----- 0017-co Fastener problems
----- 0018-co Ridge shingle application
Wood Shingles and Shakes
----- 0019-co Shrinkage properties of wood
----- 0020-co Wood shingles and shakes
----- 0021-co Cedar shingle application
----- 0022-co Cedar shingles - nailing details
----- 0023-co Cedar shingle application - spaced-plank sheathing
----- 0024-co Cedar shake application
----- 0025-co Cedar shake - nailing details
----- 0026-co Cedar shake application
----- 0027-co Cedar shingle application
----- 0028-co Cedar shingle application - using synthetic ventilation layer
----- 0029-co Curling and cupping and splitting wood shingles
----- 0030-co Slate types
----- 0031-co Graduated slate roof
----- 0032-co Slate ribbons
----- 0033-co Slate - nailing details
----- 0034-co Slate roof installation - dutch lap method
----- 0035-co Slate roof installation - french method
----- 0036-co Slate repair methods - using a slate hook
----- 0037-co Slate repair methods - making babies
----- 0038-co Slate repair methods - using a sheet metal cradle
----- 0039-co Clay tile - tapered mission style
----- 0040-co Clay tile - barrel mission style straight
----- 0041-co Clay tile - S type
----- 0042-co Clay tile - interlocking shingle
----- 0043-co How clay tiles are secured
----- 0044-co Eave closures for spanish or mission tiles
Concrete and Fiber Cement
----- 0045-co Concrete tiles
----- 0046-co Cracked or broken tiles
----- 0047-co How concrete tiles are secured
----- 0048-co Fiber cement shingles
----- 0049-co Metal shingles
----- 0050-co Sheet metal roofing
Roll Roofing
----- 0051-co Roll roofing
----- 0052-co Roll roofing problems

Valley Flashings
----- 0053-co Roof valleys - open and closed
----- 0054-co Why valleys have a lower slope
----- 0055-co Valley flashing
----- 0056-co Valley flashing made of asphalt shingles
----- 0057-co Metal valley flashing
----- 0058-co Two types of metal valley flashing joints
----- 0059-co Metal valley secured with cleats
----- 0060-co Metal valley flashing - alternate application
----- 0061-co Metal valley flashing with upstand
----- 0062-co Valley flashings - cutting the points
----- 0063-co Closed cut or half-woven valley
----- 0064-co Fully woven closed valley
Chimney Flashings
----- 0065-co Chimney flashings - overview
----- 0066-co Chimney flashings - side flashing detail
----- 0067-co Chimney saddle flashings
----- 0068-co Chimney flashings - head flashing detail
----- 0069-co Chimney flashings - things to look for
----- 0070-co Chimney flashings - side flashing detail
Plumbing Stack Flashings
----- 0071-co Neoprene plumbing stack flashing
----- 0072-co Plumbing stack flashing - stretched or buckled
Roof-Wall Flashings
----- 0073-co Roof-sidewall flashings
----- 0074-co Roof-sidewall flashings
----- 0075-co Roof-sidewall flashings - clay tile
----- 0076-co Roof-masonry sidewall flashings
----- 0077-co Roof intersection with brick wall above
----- 0078-co Roof intersection with siding above
Hip and Ridge Flashings
----- 0079-co Ridge shingle application
----- 0080-co Skylight in sloped roof - curb mount
----- 0081-co Skylight in sloped roof - curbless
----- 0082-co Skylight in sloped roof - integral curb self-flashing skylight
----- 0083-co Ice damming at skylight
----- 0084-co Solariums - areas to watch for
Drip Edge Flashings
----- 0085-co Typical asphalt shingle application - showing metal drip edge
Dormer Flashings
----- 0086-co Dormer siding flashings
----- 0087-co Valley flashings - cutting the points

----- 0088-co Flat roof drainage systems
Built-Up Roofing
----- 0089-co Inverted roof membrane assembly
----- 0090-co Built-up roofing membrane - four-ply
----- 0091-co Damaged and patched flat roofs
----- 0092-co Blisters in built-up roofing membranes
----- 0093-co Flat roof alligatoring
----- 0094-co Gravel erosion scouring on flat roofs
----- 0095-co Ridging and fish mouths on flat roofs
----- 0096-co Ponding on flat roofs
Modified Bitumen
----- 0097-co Single-ply modified bitumen roof
----- 0098-co Two-ply modified bitumen roof
----- 0099-co Staggering side laps in single-ply modified bitumen roofs
Synthetic Rubber Elastomeric and EPDM
----- 0100-co EPDM roof membrane
Plastic Roofing PVC and Thermoplastic
----- 0101-co PVC roof membrane
----- 0102-co PVC roof problems
Roll Roofing
----- 0103-co Wide selvage roofing
Flat Roof Flashings
----- 0104-co Built-up flat roof-wall flashing
----- 0105-co Modified bitumen roof-wall flashing
----- 0106-co Two-piece counterflashings
----- 0107-co Built-up roofing membrane - edge details
----- 0108-co Built-up roof membrane - curbed edge
----- 0109-co Built-up flat roof-wall flashing
----- 0110-co Two-piece counter flashings
----- 0111-co Alternative attachment method for counter flashing
----- 0112-co Lower quality built-up flat roof-wall flashing
----- 0113-co EPDM or PVC roof-wall flashing
----- 0114-co Through-wall flashings
----- 0115-co Metal clad parapet wall
----- 0116-co Chimney cap details
----- 0117-co Skylight in flat roof
----- 0118-co Stack jack plumbing stack flashing
----- 0119-co Cone-style plumbing stack flashing
----- 0120-co Pitch pans for irregular roof penetrations
----- 0121-co Flat roof drainage systems
----- 0122-co Drain in modified bitumen roof
----- 0123-co Flat roof draining onto sloped roof
----- 0124-co Sloped roof draining onto flat roof

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