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0041-co S Type Clay Tile
1559-co Sacrificial Anode for Water Heaters
0067-co Saddle Flashings on Chimneys
0811-co Safety Devices for High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

0300-co Sagging Beam

1854-co ----- Exterior


1864-co ----- Deck or Porch Boards
0401-co ----- Interior Lintel
0320-co ----- Joists - Correction
2068-co ----- or Missing Door Lintels
2054-co ----- or Missing Window Lintels
1858-co ----- Porch Floor
0425-co ----- Spreading and Dishing of Roof
1743-co Saltbox Style Home
1701-co Saltbox and Four Square and Compound Plans
0019-co Sapwood
1718-co Sash

Scorching at Gas Burner

0749-co ----- on Furnace
1575-co ----- on Water Heater
0094-co Scouring of Gravel on Flat Roofs
1092-co Screening for Combustion Air Intake for Fireplace
1915-co Screens on Gutters
1930-co Scuppers
1364-co Secondary Attics
1917-co Secondary Roof Missing Downspout
0047-co Securement Methods for Concrete


0043-co ----- Clay Tiles
1859-co ----- Decks to Buildings
0539-co ----- Electrical Panels
0584-co ----- Electrical Wires
1914-co ----- Gutters
1859-co ----- Ledgerboards on Decks
0082-co Self-Flashing Skylight
0012-co Self-Sealing Tabs - Asphalt Shingles
0103-co Selvage Roofing
1145-co Sequencers for Electric Furnaces
1568-co Sequencing of Element on Electric Water Heater
0881-co Series Loop on Hot Water System

Service Box

0565-co ----- and Panels - Electrical
0562-co ----- and Panels - Inspecting
0536-co ----- Breaker and Fuse-type
0544-co ----- Bypassed by Neutral Wires

0513-co-0519-co Service Drop

0516-co ----- Clearances Canada
0515-co ----- Clearances United States

Service Entrance

0526-co ----- Areas of Potential Water Entry
0523-co ----- Cable
0528-co ----- Cable should not be Covered by Siding

0520-co-0528-co ----- Wires
0532-co Service Equipment
0524-co Service Masts - Bent
0532-co Service Panel - Electric
1531-co Service Piping for Plumbing

0529-co-0531-co Service Size
0531-co Service Size Determining by the Main Disconnect
1904-co Settled Backfill around Homes
1845-co Settled or Heaved Exterior Steps


0236-co ----- Cracks - Rotational
0222-co ----- Differential caused by Soils
0224-co ----- due to Cut and Fill Excavation
0221-co ----- of Buildings - Types
0367-co ----- of Garages
0970-co Settling or Leaning Chimneys
2013-co Shadow Effect on Plaster Wall

Shake Roofing

0024-co ----- Application
0025-co ----- Nailing Details


1378-co ----- Delaminating Roof
0583-co ----- Excess on Electrical Panel Wires
0461-co ----- Roof - H-clips and Spacing for Panel Type
0389-co ----- Strandboard
0002-co Shed Roof
0038-co Sheet Metal Cradle Repairs for Slate Roofs
0050-co Sheet Metal Roofing


1795-co ----- and Shake Siding
0016-co ----- Application Low Slope Roofing

0021-co-and-0023-co-and-0028-co ----- Application - Wood
1734-co Shingle Style Home
0049-co Shingles - Metal
0018-co Shingles at Ridges
1948-co Shoring Type Retaining Walls
0508-co Short Circuit

1692-co-1693-co Shower Stalls
0019-co Shrinkage of Wood
1942-co Shrubs and Trees too Close to House
0727-co Shut-Off Valves for Gas
0831-co Shutoffs - Emergency for Oil Furnace
0099-co Side Laps - Staggered and in Modified Bitumen Roofs
0907-co Sidearm Heater on Hot Water System
1721-co Sidelight

Sidewall Vent

0810-co ----- Locations for High Efficiency Gas Furnaces - Improper
0847-co ----- Oil Furnace
0848-co ----- Problems with Oil Furnaces
0805-co Sidewall Venting of Gas Appliances - Improper


1808-co ----- Asbestos Cement
1801-co ----- Boards - Joints
1800-co ----- Butt Joint Detail on Vertical
1318-co ----- can Trap Moisture
1817-co ----- Clay and Slate Shingles
1793-co ----- Concealed Nails
1798-co ----- Cut Back Bottom
0086-co ----- Flashings at Dormers
1805-co ----- Hardboard
1810-co ----- Identifying Inner-Seal
1794-co ----- Inside and Outside Corners
1819-co ----- Insulbrick

1811-co-1815-co ----- Metal and Vinyl

1814-co ----- ----- Flashing below Window
1815-co ----- ----- J Molding around Windows
1812-co ----- ----- Nailing too Tightly
1799-co ----- Mitered Corners
1813-co ----- Mounting Blocks
1792-co ----- Nailing Controversy
1806-co ----- OSB
1804-co ----- Plywood and Composite
0528-co ----- should not Cover Electric Service Entrance Cable
1803-co ----- Strapping for Vertical
1746-co ----- Support
1748-co ----- too Close to Grade

1750-co-and-1808-co ----- too Close to Roof
1807-co ----- Vertical Joints in Panels

----- Wood

1790-co ----- ----- Horizontal
1797-co ----- ----- Shingle
1795-co ----- ----- Shingles and Shakes
1821-co ----- Wood-Soil Contact

1809-co ----- Z Flashings

1810-co ----- ----- Inner-Seal Siding - Identifying
1250-co Sight Glass for Refrigerant on Air Conditioning


0284-co ----- Anchor Spacing
0281-co ----- Anchors for Walls
1827-co ----- Capillary Break
0286-co ----- Crushing - Wall
1334-co ----- Gaskets and Electrical Box Enclosures
0283-co ----- Mud
0282-co ----- should be above Grade

0280-co-0286-co ----- Wall
0285-co ----- Wall - Gaps
0507-co Simple Electrical Circuit
0299-co Simply Spanned versus Continuous Beams
1713-co Single and Double Hung Window
0993-co Single Flue Serving Two Appliances
0382-co Single Top Plates - Metal Ties in Bearing Walls
0097-co Single-ply Modified Bitumen Roof
0264-co Sister Wall Outside Foundations for Repairs
1000-co Six Hundred and Fifty Degree Celsius Chimney
1818-co Six Nails per Shingle - Asphalt Shingle Siding
0774-co Size of Vent Connector on Gas Furnace
0291-co Sizes of Columns
1867-co Skirting for Decks and Porches


2053-co ----- and Solarium Leaks

0080-co-and-0081-co-and-0082-co ----- Flashings
0083-co ----- Ice Damming
2062-co ----- Ice Damming Below
0117-co ----- in Flat Roof
0080-co ----- in Sloped Roof - Curb Mount
0081-co ----- in Sloped Roof - Curbless
0082-co ----- in Sloped Roof - Integral Curb
1369-co ----- Wells - Insulating

2040-co-2064-co ----- Window and Solarium from the Inside
1237-co Slab Coil for Air Conditioner


0208-co ----- Monolithic
0207-co ----- Supported Slab

0036-co-and-0037-co Slate Hooks

Slate Repair

0036-co ----- Method with Slate Hooks
0037-co ----- Making Babies
0038-co ----- Using A Sheet Metal Cradle
0032-co Slate Ribbons

Slate Roof

0031-co ----- Graduated
0034-co ----- Installation - Dutchlap Method
0035-co ----- Installation - French Method
0033-co ----- Nailing Details
0030-co ----- Typical Life
0030-co Slate Types
1715-co Slider Windows
1025-co Slope and Support for Vent Connectors for Wood Furnaces
0842-co Slope of Exhaust Flue on Oil Furnace
0054-co Slope of Roof Valleys
1055-co Slope of Vent Connector for Wood Stoves
0770-co Slope of Vent Connector on Gas Furnace
0984-co Slope on Chimney Cap
2052-co Sloped Glazing

Sloped Roof

0124-co ----- Draining onto Flat Roof
1703-co ----- Shapes
1894-co Slopes for Grading Recommended

0001-co-and-0408-co Slopes of Roof
1919-co Small Roofs with no Downspouts

Smoke Chamber

1083-co ----- for Fireplace
1084-co ----- Wall Slope
1083-co Smoke Shelf for Fireplace
0766-co Snap-Action Thermostat
1345-co Soffit Vent Baffles

0439-co Soffits

1824-co-and-1825-co ----- and Fascia

Soil Conditions

0222-co ----- Causing Differential Settlement
1895-co ----- Causing Water Leakage
0273-co Soil Level too High at Foundation Wall
0201-co Soil Pressure on Foundation Walls
0203-co Soil Strength
0393-co Soil-Wood Clearances

0084-co Solarium

2053-co ----- and Skylight Leaks

2040-co-2062-co ----- and Window and Skylight from the Inside

Solid Masonry

0407-co ----- versus Veneer Walls
0351-co ----- Walls
0372-co ----- Walls - Bowing due to Tie Failure
1753-co Solid versus Veneer Masonry
0239-co Sources of Heaving
1164-co Space Heater - Unvented
0023-co Spaced Planked Sheathing for Wood Sheathing
2049-co Spacing between Layers of Glass and Windows
0461-co Spacing for Panel Type Roof Sheathing
0284-co Spacing for Wall Sill Anchors


1757-co ----- of Brick due to Freezing
0265-co ----- of Foundation Wall
0431-co Span of Rafter Determined by Horizontal Projections
1740-co Spanish Colonial Style Home
0044-co Spanish or Mission Tiles - Eave Closures
0446-co Spans - Methods of Reducing for Rafters
0983-co Spark Arresters and Rain Caps for Chimneys
0560-co Special Circuit Breakers for 240-volt Circuits
0843-co Spillage from Barometric Damper on Oil Burner
0908-co Spillage Switch on Hot Water Heating System
1849-co Spindle Spacing for Stairs

Splices in Ceiling Joist

0427-co ----- Overlapped
0428-co ----- Plywood
0029-co Splitting Wood Shingles
0209-co Spread Footing and Pad Footings

0440-co Spreading Roofs

0441-co ----- Remedial Action
0425-co ----- Dishing and Sagging of Roof
1846-co Springy Steps
0834-co Stack Controller for Oil Furnace
1313-co Stack Effect

0071-co-and-0072-co Stack Flashings from Plumbing Systems on Roofs
0231-co Stack jack - Plumbing Stack Flashing
0834-co Stack Relay for Oil Furnace
0579-co Staggered Bus Bars on Circuit Breaker Panels
2071-co Staining below Exterior Doors


2028-co ----- Dimensions
1848-co ----- Exterior - Handrail Design
1847-co ----- Exterior - Handrails and Guards
1848-co ----- Handrail Design
1850-co ----- Handrail or Guard too Low
2033-co ----- Handrails and Guards

2028-co-2039-co ----- Interior
1363-co ----- Pull-down
1842-co ----- Rise and Run and Tread Width
2034-co ----- Rot in Wood
1849-co ----- Spindle Spacing
2036-co ----- Stringer Movement
2031-co ----- Stringers
2035-co ----- Tread-Stringer Connections
2029-co ----- Treads Curved
2030-co ----- Winders
1846-co ----- Wood Exterior - Rot
1846-co ----- Stairs that are not Springy


0241-co ----- Exterior Basement - Side View
2038-co ----- Firestopping
0242-co ----- Insulated Exterior Basement
1843-co ----- Landings - Exterior

0605-co-and-2022-co ----- Lighting
1362-co ----- to Attic
2032-co ----- Width

0011-co-and-0013-co Starter Course on Asphalt Shingles

0011-co-and-0013-co Starter Strip on Asphalt Shingles
1518-co Static Head at Wells
1502-co Static Water Pressure

Steam Heat

1100-co ----- Air Vents
1098-co ----- at Rest
1113-co ----- Boiler Feed Pump
1099-co ----- Call for Heat
1111-co ----- Condensate Pump
1101-co ----- Dimension A
1102-co ----- Equalizer Pipe
1109-co ----- F and T Trap

1104-co ----- Hartford Loop

1117-co ----- ----- and Equalizer
1122-co ----- ----- and Equalizer - Details
1123-co ----- ----- Close Nipple Missing
1097-co ----- How It Works
1112-co ----- Location of Boiler Feed Pump
1110-co ----- Location of Condensate Pump

1114-co-and-1119-co ----- Low Water Cut-out
1125-co ----- Main Air Vent
1105-co ----- One Pipe Counter Flow System
1106-co ----- One Pipe Parallel Flow System
1115-co ----- Pressure Relief Valve

1116-co-and-1121-co ----- Pressuretrol

1097-co-1131-co ----- Systems
1103-co ----- Thermostat Satisfied
1108-co ----- Thermostatic Trap
1107-co ----- Two Pipe System
1118-co ----- Water Hammer
1120-co ----- Water Level Gage

Steel Beam

0298-co ----- Attached to Joists
0311-co ----- Lateral Support

Steel Lintel

0420-co ----- End Bearing
0358-co ----- in Brick Veneer Wall
0594-co Steel Studs with Electrical Wires Running through
0262-co Steel Tie-backs to Repair Foundations
0002-co Steep Roof Types
1842-co Step Rise and Run and Tread Width
0232-co Stepped Footings on Sloped Lots


1844-co ----- Exterior - Settled or Heaved
1841-co ----- Exterior Concrete Support
1941-co ----- in Exterior Walkways
1731-co Stick Style Home

Stone Foundation

0213-co ----- with Masonry Walls
0214-co ----- with Wood Frame Walls


1043-co ----- Pellet

1012-co-and-1035-co-1060-co ----- Wood
0397-co Straightening Partition Studs
0020-co Straightsplit Wood Shakes
1923-co Strainers-Baskets at the Top of Downspouts
0389-co Strandboard Sheathing
0588-co Stranded Electrical Wires for Overhead Runs
1803-co Strapping for Vertical Siding
2021-co Strapping the Underside of Roof Trusses
0451-co Strapping Underside of Trusses
0321-co Strapping and Bridging and Blocking for Joists
1306-co Strategies for Comfort
0203-co Strengths of Soils
0072-co Stretched or Buckled Plumbing Stack Flashing
2036-co Stringer Movement in Stairs
2035-co Stringer-Tread Connections in Stairs
2031-co Stringers for Stairs
2012-co Structural Clues on Interior Walls
1873-co Structural Garage Floor
0200-co Structure - House - Overview
0332-co Structure - Openings in Floors


1771-co ----- Cracking
1770-co ----- Drip Screen
1776-co ----- Kickout Flashing
1773-co ----- Nail Popping
1772-co ----- Problems on Tudor-style Homes
1774-co ----- Synthetic - EIFS
1768-co ----- Three Coat Process
1769-co ----- Two Coat Process

1768-co-1789-co ----- Wall


0390-co ----- Notch and Drilling
0396-co ----- Notching
0384-co ----- Sizes and Spaces affect Wall Strength
0397-co ----- Straightening Partition
0386-co ----- Support for Jack
0399-co ----- Support for Jack Studs on Wide Openings

0337-co-0340-co Subflooring

0339-co ----- Edge Support
0338-co ----- Plywood
0337-co ----- Types
1527-co Submersible Pump for Drilled Well


0556-co ----- Feeder Wires need Ground
0573-co ----- Wiring Disconnect by Main Panel
0572-co ----- Wiring Disconnect by Subpanel

0571-co-0573-co ----- Wiring Electrical
0571-co ----- Wiring No Separate Disconnect Switch
2085-co Sump Pump in Basement
0852-co Super Heated Water

Supply Air

0793-co ----- Registers and Diffusers and Grills
1351-co ----- Systems
1351-co ----- Systems for House Ventilation
0797-co Supply and Return Registers Poorly Located

Supply Plumbing

1503-co ----- ¾-Inch Pipe
1508-co ----- Constant Water Flow Can Wear Out Pipes
1505-co ----- Downstream versus Upstream Pipe Replacement
1506-co ----- Elbows and T Reduce Pressure
1500-co ----- Factors Affecting Supply

1500-co-1511-co ----- Flow and Pressure
1504-co ----- Galvanized Steel Pipe

1538-co-1558-co ----- In-house
1510-co ----- Larger Diameter Pipe to Water Heater
1509-co ----- Pressure Decreases With Height

1507-co-and-1537-co ----- Pressure Regulator Required
1502-co ----- Static Water Pressure
1025-co Support and Slope for Vent Connector Section for Wood Furnaces
0301-co Support for Beam End
0339-co Support for Edges of Subflooring
0843-co Support for Exhaust Flue for Oil Furnace
0729-co Support for Gas Piping
2037-co Support for Handrails
0386-co Support for Jack Studs
1857-co Support for Joist
0432-co Support for Roof Ridge
1746-co Support for Siding
0772-co Support for Vent Connector on Gas Furnace
0525-co Support Requirements for Service Entrances
0207-co Supported Slab - Slab-on-grade
2075-co Surface Water and Roof Runoff Control
1896-co Swales


0620-co ----- and Outlets in Bathrooms - Electrical
0804-co ----- Blockage for Forced Air Furnaces
0626-co ----- Electrical for Furnaces
0628-co ----- for Garbage Disposal
0608-co ----- Three-way
0100-co Synthetic Rubber Roofing

1774-co Synthetic Stucco

1788-co ----- Inspection Strategy - Exterior
1789-co ----- Inspection Strategy - Interior
1775-co ----- Insulation Details
0028-co Synthetic Ventilation Layer for Wood Shingles

0546-co-0554-co System Grounding - Electrical

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