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0012-co Tabs-Self Sealing on Asphalt Shingles
0971-co Tall Masonry Chimneys
0019-co Tangential Shrinkage of Wood

Tank - Oil Storage

0829-co ----- Caps for Fill and Vent Pipes
0825-co ----- Clearance from Oil Burner
0824-co ----- Exterior above Ground
0828-co ----- Fill in Vent Piping
0826-co ----- Leaks
0827-co ----- Underground
0830-co ----- Undersized Fill Lines
0906-co Tankless Coil Water Heater on Boiler
0039-co Tapered Mission Style Clay Tile
0020-co Tapersawn Shakes
0020-co Tapersplit Shakes
0543-co Taps - Illegal Electrical
0380-co T-connection in Top Plate of Wood Frame Bearing Wall

0725-co-and-1574-co Teflon Tape at Gas Piping Connections
1222-co Temperature across Inside Coil of Air Conditioner
0865-co Temperature and Pressure Gauge on Boiler
0808-co Temperature Differences in High Efficiency Gas Furnaces
0860-co Temperature Limit Switch on Boiler
1149-co Temperature Rise on Electric Furnaces
0822-co Tempering Valve on Combination Heating System


0348-co ----- Exterior Inspection for
0349-co ----- Interior Inspection for
0350-co ----- Measures to Combat
2030-co Thermal Breaks in Window Frames
1326-co Thermal Bridging Causing Marks on Walls
1305-co Thermal Conductance
1304-co Thermal Conductivity

0101-co-and-0102-co Thermoplastic Roofing

0762-co-0765-co Thermostat

0746-co ----- Bi-Metallic Mercury Bulb
1026-co ----- Conditions to Watch for on Wood Furnaces
1266-co ----- Mercury Bulb - Air Conditioning
0768-co ----- must be Level
1268-co ----- Poor Location for Air Conditioning
1267-co ----- Snap Action - Air Conditioning
0766-co ----- Snap Action
1241-co Thermostatic Expansion Valve for Air Conditioning
1108-co Thermostatic Trap for Steam Heating
1349-co Three Approaches to House Ventilation
0733-co Three Kinds of Draft for Burners
0972-co Three Sided Chimneys
0608-co Three-way Electrical Switches
0856-co Threshold - Exterior door
1083-co Throat and Smoke Shelf And Smoke Chamber For Fireplace
0114-co Through-wall Flashings
0372-co Tie Failure causing Bowing of Solid Masonry Wall
0340-co Tile - Ceramic Insulation
0962-co Tile Flue Liners
2008-co Tiles - Ceramic - Alternatives for Installing
1138-co Toe-kick Electric Heaters
1760-co Toothed-in Masonry on Additions

Top Plate

0381-co ----- Holes and Notches in Bearing Walls
0380-co ----- T-connection in Wood Bearing Wall
1721-co Transom Light
1108-co Trap - Thermostatic For Steam Heating
1408-co Trap in Condensate Drain for HRV
1245-co Trap Required in Condensate Line for Air Conditioning
1842-co Tread Width Rise and Run for Stairs
2035-co Tread-Stringer Connections in Stairs
2029-co Treads - Curved on Stairs
0256-co Tree Roots Causing Foundation Cracks
1942-co Trees and Shrubs too Close to House
0712-co Triangle - Fire
0789-co Trickle Humidifier
1835-co Trim Flashings and Caulking - Macro Approach

2024-co-2027-co Trim and Counters and Cabinets
0334-co Trimmers with Wall Above
1285-co Triple Split System Heat Pump
0999-co Triple-Wall Metal Chimney


0453-co ----- Sag or Damage caused by Drifting Snow
0452-co ----- Types

0454-co-and-2019-co ----- Uplift

0455-co-and-2020-co ----- Uplift - Remedial Action


0450-co ----- Bracing of Compression Webs
0449-co ----- Overview of Roof

0449-co-0457-co ----- Roof
0451-co ----- Strapping
2021-co ----- Strapping the Underside
1735-co Tudor Style Home
1772-co Tudor Style Stucco Problems
1344-co Turbine Vents
1722-co Tuscan Column
0303-co Twisted or Rotated Beams
1306-co Two Comfort Strategies
0992-co Two Fireplaces on One Flue
0993-co Two Gas Appliances on One Flue
0883-co Two Pipe System Direct Return on Hot Water Heating

Two Pipe System Reverse Return
0884-co for Hot Water Heating
0559-co Two-Forty Volt Circuit Pull-out Fuse Blocks
0560-co Two-Forty Volt Circuits - Special Breakers
0106-co Two-piece Counter Flashings
0098-co Two-ply Modified Bitumen Roof

0002-co-and-0422-co Types of Roof
0779-co Typical Supply and Return Register Locations

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