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1752-co UFFI Insulation Holes in Siding
0020-co Undercoursing - Wood Shingles
0514-co Underground Electrical Service
0827-co Underground Oil Storage Tank

0234-co Underpinning

0235-co ----- Timing of Concrete Pours
0830-co Undersized Fill Lines for Oil Storage Tanks
1397-co Unheated Areas - Insulation in Floors Above
0206-co Unheated Houses - Frost Slab-on-Grade - Floating Slab
1164-co Unvented Space Heater
1159-co Unvented Wall Furnace
0756-co Upflow and Downflow Furnaces
2059-co Upper Sash Problems on Windows
0061-co Upstand on Metal Valley Flashing


1560-co Vacuum Relief Valve for Water Heaters
0063-co Valley - Closed Cut or Half Woven
0430-co Valley and Hip Rafter

0053-co-0064-co Valley Flashing

0056-co ----- Asphalt Shingles

0062-co-and-0087-co ----- Cutting the Point
0057-co ----- Metal

0053-co-0064-co ----- On Roofs
0054-co Valleys Roof Slope
0876-co Valve for Zone Control of Boiler

0727-co Valve Gas Shut-Off

1573-co ----- for Water Heater
0901-co Valve Leaks on Radiators
0822-co Valve Tempering on Combination Heating System

Vapor Barrier

1264-co ----- and Air Conditioning Ductwork
1372-co ----- Incomplete or Wrong Location
1339-co ----- Location
1332-co ----- vs Air Barrier
1316-co Vapor Diffusion

1332-co-1340-co Vapor Retarders
1301-co Vaporization - Latent Heat of
0767-co Variable Anticipator on Thermostat
0767-co Variable Thermostat Anticipator
1879-co Vehicle Doors for Garages
1753-co Veneer Masonry versus Solid Masonry
0407-co Veneer versus Solid Masonry Walls

0402-co-0411-co Veneer Wall

0353-co-and-0404-co ----- Brick
0403-co ----- Masonry Tie Detail
0358-co ----- with Steel Lintel
0828-co Vent and Fill Piping for Oil Storage Tanks
1058-co Vent Connection at Chimney for Wood Stove
1056-co Vent Connection for Wood Stoves

Vent Connector

0773-co ----- and B-Vent - Combustible Clearances
1554-co ----- Clearance from Plastic Supply Pipe
1050-co ----- Clearances for Wood Stoves
1023-co ----- Combustible Clearances - Wood Furnace

0776-co-and-0987-co ----- Extending too far into Chimney
1056-co ----- for Wood Stove
0771-co ----- Length for Gas Furnace
0988-co ----- Loose at Chimney
0989-co ----- or Flue Obstructed
1024-co ----- Section Joints in Wood Furnaces
0774-co ----- Size on Furnace
0770-co ----- Slope - Gas Burner
1055-co ----- Slope for Wood Stoves
1025-co ----- Support and Slope for Wood Furnaces
0772-co ----- Support for Gas Furnace

1051-co-1052-co ----- Wall Shields for Wood Stoves
0815-co Vent Dampers - Automatic on Gas Furnaces
1157-co Vent Height - Minimum for Wall Furnaces
0848-co Vent Location Problems for Oil Furnaces
1001-co Vent Metal - Connection of Pieces
0775-co Vent-Chimney Connections on Gas Furnaces

1763-co Vented Rain Screen Principle

0405-co ----- Weep Holes
0007-co Ventilating Roofs to Prevent Ice Dams


1346-co ----- Attic - Recommended Amount
1341-co ----- Helps Reduce Attic Heat
0028-co ----- Layer for Wood Shingles
1342-co ----- Prevents Ice Dams
1015-co Ventilation-Cooling Air for Wood Furnaces
1323-co Ventilator - Heat Recovery
1347-co Venting Cathedral Roofs


0809-co ----- for High Efficiency Furnaces
1155-co ----- for Wall Furnace

0769-co-0777-co ----- Gas Furnaces

1349-co-1357-co Venting Homes

1349-co-1357-co Venting Living Spaces
1348-co Venting Mansard and Gambrel Roofs

1341-co-1348-co Venting Roofs

0952-co Vents

1377-co ----- Power - Attic
1343-co ----- Roof - Types and Location
1344-co ----- Turbine
1366-co ----- Wet Insulation Below
0030-co Vermont Slate
0253-co Vertical Foundation Cracks
1807-co Vertical Joints in Panel Siding

Vertical Siding

1800-co ----- Butt Joint Detail
1803-co ----- Strapping

Vinyl Siding

1814-co ----- Flashing below Windows
1815-co ----- J Molding around Windows
1813-co ----- Mounting Blocks
1812-co ----- Nailing too Tightly
0005-co Vulnerable Areas - Roofs

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