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0904 Pulse Combustion How it Works - Heating - Pulse Combustion
0904 Pulse Combustion How it Works - Heating - Pulse Combustion -

Image Text: A: air and gas are drawn into the combustion chamber through the flapper valves > air intake flapper valve > igniter (spark plug) > gas intake with flapper valve > air > combustion chamber > gas > tailpipe > B: the air/gas mixture is ignited by the spark plug, creating the first pulse > the pulse closes the gas and air flapper valves and pushes the combustion products out through the tail pipe > igniter (spark plug) > shockwave > tailpipe > C: as the shockwave leaves the combustion chamber, negative pressure is created that draws open the flapper valves and draws more air/gas mixture into the combustion chamber > meanwhile, at the end of the tailpipe, the shockwave is being reflected back to the combustion chamber > air > air/gas mixture > gas > reflected shockwave > D: when the reflected shockwave reaches the combustion chamber, it is hot enough to ignite the air/gas mixture without the aid of the spark plug > this second pulse closes the flapper valves, sends the combustion products down the tailpipe and starts a repeating, self-sustaining combustion process > reflected shockwave

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