What if the Lead paint in my home poses a hazard?

You may have a range of options for addressing lead hazards in your home. A risk assessment report should contain recommendations on how to control lead-based paint hazards safely. If you have been advised to remove or control lead paint, use the advice provided by the EPA when looking for a lead abatement contractor.

Tips for Checking a Contractor's Background and Experience:

  • Always ask to see a contractor's lead-based paint license or certificate.

  • If they are not certified, ask to see a contractor's training certificate. EPA has developed training courses for lead-based paint professionals. Ask if the training received by a contractor was based on EPA course materials.

  • Check the references of the last three lead inspections or risk assessments performed by the contractor.

  • Ask what kinds of information will be included in the final inspection or risk assessment report that will be prepared for you. An inspection report should identify the lead content of the painted surfaces in your home. A risk assessment will provide you with information about the lead content of deteriorated painted surfaces, and also should tell you whether lead is present in dust and soil around your home. It should also present options for reducing the hazard.

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