Fact: Americans spend more than $3 billion each year to power their home electronics when they are switched off. Reduce your costs by choosing an energy efficient TV or TV-DVD, TV-VCR combination with the Energy Star® label. You can:

  • Save up to 75% of the energy used when your TV is powered off.

  • Get performance that is equal to or better than similar, conventional models.

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 110 pounds a year.

Best Features: Many energy efficient home electronics have the same or better performance, features, reliability, and price as conventional equipment. When you are ready to add, upgrade, or replace your TV, DVD, VCR, or TV-DVD, TV-VCR combination, remember to choose an Energy Star®-labeled TV, DVD, VCR, or TV-DVD, TV-VCR combination, along with the following...

  • Your TV will use only 3 watts or less of power when switched off, compared to 12 watts of conventional models.

  • Your combination unit will use only 6 watts or less of power when switched off compared to the 20 watts of conventional models.

Save Money: The energy used to power small household appliances and home electronics like TVs, VCRs, and DVDs is one of the fastest-growing energy loads in the home. Save money by...

  • Unplugging the TV when powered off, if feasible.

  • Buying Energy Star® TVs, DVDs, VCRs, and TV-DVD, TV-VCR combinations.

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