Fact: The clothes dryer uses more electricity than every appliance after the washing machine and refrigerator. You can:

  • Use 15% less energy.

  • Be gentle on your clothes and avoid over drying.

Best Features: New dryers aren't required to display Energy Guide labels, which makes it hard to compare the energy efficiency of different models in the showroom. In selecting your dryer, look for an appliance that...

  • Removes moisture more efficiently.

  • Has moisture sensors.

  • Has automatic shut-off controls to avoid over drying.

Save Money: Dryers work by heating and aerating clothes. The efficiency of a clothes dryer is measured by a term called the energy factor. Energy efficient dryers take less money to operate, and can actually produce cleaner, fresher clothes.

When shopping for a new clothes dryer, look for one with a moisture sensor that automatically shuts off the machine when your clothes are dry. Not only will this save energy, it will save wear and tear on your clothes caused by over-drying. Keep in mind that gas dryers are less expensive to operate than electric dryers.

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