Fact: Cooking food and washing dishes accounts for about 10% of all energy used in the home. You can:

  • Use up to 30% less energy.

  • Cut your operating costs up to 50%.

Best Features: Choosing a gas oven/range with an electronic ignition instead of a pilot light will cost you half as much to operate as an electric oven/range. If you're in the market for new appliances, by choosing wisely among the latest models with these features, you can increase your kitchen's energy efficiency.

  • Consider buying a self-cleaning oven. Its higher insulation levels result in lower energy use.

  • Buy a gas oven with the new electronic pilotless ignition to reduce gas usage by about 30% over a constantly burning pilot light.

  • Buy an electric oven with halogen and/or induction elements, which use less energy than conventional electric coil elements.

Save Money: Cooking with natural gas is cheaper than cooking with electricity, if you have the choice. If you're using electricity, however, get in the habit of turning off the burners and oven several minutes before the end of the allotted cooking time. The heating element will stay hot long enough to finish the cooking without using more electricity. Try these money-saving steps for a gas or electric oven/range:

  • Preheat ovens only when necessary.

  • Don't lay foils on racks.

  • Use glass or ceramic pans in ovens.

  • Keep range-top burners and reflectors clean.

  • Match the size of the pan to the heating element (use a small pan on a small burner).

  • Use smaller kitchen appliances instead of your oven/range when appropriate.

  • When boiling water in a pan, always use a cover.

  • Bake several items at the same time when using your oven.

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