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Introduction To Home Inspections - Part 1


What This Book Will NOT Teach You

About The Author

Purpose Of A Home Inspection

Benefits Of Knowledge Of Home Inspections

Description Of A Home Inspection

Bogus Claims by Professional Engineers and Registered Architects

Introduction To Home Inspections - Part 2

Starting Out And Setting Up A Business

Home Inspection Education

Home Inspection Tools That Are Helpful

Booking Home Inspection Jobs

House Architectural Styles

Beginning The Home Inspection

Start The Inspection In The Lower Level

Operating Systems Home Inspection

Heating System

Advantages of different heating systems:

Disadvantages of different heat systems:

Oil Fired Heating Systems:

Gas Fired Heating Systems:

Electric Heating Systems:

Forced Warm Air Heating Systems:

Heat Pump Heating Systems:

Forced Hot Water Heating Systems:

Steam Heating Systems:

Hydro-Therm Heating Systems:

Hybrid and Radiant Heating Systems:

Air-Conditioning System

House Water Heater

Plumbing System

Well Water System

Septic System

Electrical System

Operating Systems Photo Pages

Basement and Lower Level Home Inspection

Basement and Lower Level

Crawl Spaces

Gas Utility Service

House Auxiliary Systems

Water Penetration

Basement and Lower Level Photo Pages

Interior Home Inspection



Floors and Stairs

Walls and Ceilings

Windows and Doors


Attic Inspection

Attic Ventilation

Attic Insulation

Interior Home Inspection Photo Pages

Exterior Home Inspection




Fascia, Soffits and Eaves

Gutters, Downspouts and Leaders

Windows, Screens and Storms

Entrances, Steps and Porches


Patios and Terraces


Walls and Fences

Drainage and Grading



Other Exterior Structures

Swimming Pools

Wood Destroying Insects

Exterior Home Inspection Photo Pages

Home Safety Topics

Kitchen Safety

Bathroom Safety

Stairway Safety

Garage Safety

Electrical Safety

Window Safety

Exterior Safety

Home Improvement Safety

Children Safety

Poison Safety

Water Safety

Fire Safety

Home Security Safety

Winter Safety

Holiday Safety

Disaster Prevention Safety

Health Concerns

Asbestos Insulation

Radon Gas

Indoor Air Pollution

Carbon Monoxide

What You Should Know About Combustion Appliances and Indoor Air Pollution

Carbon Monoxide Concerns

Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Checklist to Prevent Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning

Mold In Your Home

Guide to Mold and Moisture in Your Home

Mold Cleanup

Lead and Your Health

Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil

Basic Lead Information

Health Effects of Lead

Where Lead is Found

Where Lead is Likely to be a Hazard

What You Can do to Protect Your Family

Checking Your Family and Home for Lead

How to find a Qualified Lead Professional

What will I learn if I hire a Lead professional?

Are Lead professionals required to be certified or licensed?

What if my State doesn't have a certification program?

What if the Lead paint in my home poses a hazard?

Basic Questions about Testing Your Home For Lead In Paint, Dust, And Soil

Specific Questions about Testing Paint, Dust, and Soil for Lead

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Lead Testing

Are You Buying or Renting a Home built before ?

Remodel or Renovate a Home with Lead-Based Paint

Reducing Lead Hazards when Remodeling your Home

Asbestos and Your Health

How To Identify Materials That Contain Asbestos

If You Hire A Professional Asbestos Inspector

If You Hire A Corrective-Action Contractor

Vermiculite Attic Insulation

What is vermiculite insulation?

Do I have vermiculite insulation?

Is vermiculite insulation a problem?

What should I do if I have vermiculite attic insulation in my home?

What if I occasionally have to go into my attic?

What are the next steps?

Is my health at risk from previous exposures to the asbestos in the insulation?

Where can I get info on insulation testing or removal?

What about work-related exposure to vermiculite?

Radon Gas In Your Home

Guide to Protecting Your Family From Radon

Buying a New Home? How to Protect Your Family from Radon

Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction

How To Select A Contractor

Living in a House with a Radon Reduction System

Assessment of Risks from Radon in Homes

How Was Radon Discovered?

Exposure to Radon

Health Effects of Radon

Protecting People from Radon

Radon - Frequently Asked Questions

Drinking Water

How Safe Is The Drinking Water In My Well?

Drinking Water From Household Wells

(See Drinking Water Glossary at end of book)

Health Concerns Photo Pages

What No One Else Tells You!! - Parts 1, 2 and 3

Reality Talk

Third Parties To The Transaction

Verify Everything With The Documentation

The Sad Truth

Check Town Hall... Or Else

You Have The Right To...

Is The Listing Accurate?

A Catch 22 Position

People Who Have No Right To Remain Silent

Talk To The Neighbors

Negotiating Realities To Assist Your Client

Don't Let Your Client Be Pressured

Safety Concerns

Is It Possible To Build A... ?

Lay All The Cards On The Table

Don't Over Exaggerate Problems Or Repairs

Be Totally Objective - Part 1

Be Totally Objective - Part 2

Home Inspection Report Writing

The Report Is Totally Confidential

Inspection Referral Realities

Some Good Reasons For Federal Regulations

You Get What You Pay For

Handling Client Complaints

Know-It-All People

Certified, Licensed Or Just A Dreamer?

Tell Your Client To Ignore The Hypocrites

Straight Talk

Motivational Talk


Additional Home Inspection Photo Pages

The Author

Real Estate Terminology Glossary

Energy Saving Home Improvements Glossary

Health Concerns Drinking Water Glossary



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