Advantages of different heating systems:

  • Forced Hot Air Systems: FH Air systems have the benefit of being used for central air-conditioning with the same ducts. If the furnace fails in the winter, there are no heating pipes to freeze. However, the house water pipes will freeze unless they've been drained. You can remove dust from the air and humidify it with a FH Air system.

  • Steam Systems:    Steam systems don't have water in the pipes that can freeze or leak. It doesn't dry out the air in the house. It takes a little longer to heat the house since the water must reach boiling temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit first to make steam.

  • Forced Hot Water Systems:    Forced hot water systems heat faster than steam systems. You don't need to monitor the water level since the system is always filled with water.

  • Heat Pump Systems:    Heat pumps are central air-conditioning systems that work in reverse. They can remove dust and humidify the air. Heat pumps can be used as an A/C system in the warmer months.

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