Is It Possible To Build A... ?

There is something else that you need to be aware of. There will be times when your client will ask you if it's possible to make some changes or additions to the house or site. Virtually anything can be done from a construction standpoint. However, what your client needs to find out is:

  1. What the costs will be for the work.

  2. If the zoning and building department regulations will allow the work to be done.

  • For example, I often have clients ask me, "Can we put an addition on the house?", or "I'd like to build a dormer and finish the attic space to make another bedroom. Is that possible?", or "Since there's a steep slope in the backyard, will we be able to build a large deck."
  • When you get asked questions like that, just tell the client to check with the local zoning and building departments. They need to find out if these departments will allow the work to be done. If the zoning and building department employees say "yes," hen tell the client to get estimates from licensed contractors for the work they want done. There's nothing complex about it.
  • Don't over exaggerate your answer by responding with, "Well, if you want to put an addition on the house, then you might as well forget about buying this place. That will just be a lot of work and aggravation for nothing. Just go find yourself a larger house to buy."
  • At the same time don't under estimate your answer by telling them (like some Realtors would), "Of course you can put a dormer in the attic area Mr. Client. The zoning and building departments are really flexible around here. They always bend the rules to help out homeowners. My friend Joe is a carpenter and he can do all of the work needed for next to nothing. "
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