House Auxiliary Systems

House Auxiliary Systems photos: P 109-P 108

Check for the existence of any alarm systems, fire detection systems, intercoms, burglar alarms, central vacuum systems, lawn sprinklers, etc. Often the control panels for these devices are located in the lower level. You're not required to evaluate these systems during a home inspection. Just tell the client to get any manuals from the owner and find out how to operate these systems. If you tried to evaluate these systems, you could spend a lot of extra time in the house. Feel free to go ahead and charge extra to evaluate these types of items if you want to and if you're knowledgeable enough. Just charge the client for your time and include it in your price quote when you book the job.

Tell the client to find out if any fire or alarm systems are hooked up to any monitoring services and/or the local police or fire departments. Also, have them check to see what the fees are for this service.

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