Remodel or Renovate a Home with Lead-Based Paint

If not conducted properly, certain types of renovations can release lead from paint and dust into the air. Federal law requires that contractors provide lead information to residents before renovating a pre-1978 housing. Take precautions before your contractor or you begin remodeling or renovations that disturb painted surfaces (such as scraping off paint or tearing out walls):

  • Have the area tested for lead-based paint.

  • Do not use a belt-sander, propane torch, heat gun, dry scraper, or dry sandpaper to remove lead-based paint. These actions create large amounts of lead dust and fumes.

  • Lead dust can remain in your home long after the work is done.

  • Temporarily move your family (especially children and pregnant women) out of the apartment or house until the work is done and the area is properly cleaned. If you can't move your family, at least completely seal off the work area.

If you have already completed renovations or remodeling that could have released lead-based paint or dust, get your young children tested and follow the steps outlined to protect your family.

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