What if I occasionally have to go into my attic?

EPA and ATSDR strongly recommend that homeowners make every effort not to disturb vermiculite insulation in their attics. If you occasionally have to go into your attic, current best practices state that you should:

  1. Make every effort to stay on the floored part of your attic and to not disturb the insulation.

  2. If you must perform activities that may disturb the attic insulation such as moving boxes (or other materials), do so as gently as possible to minimize the disturbance.

  3. Leave the attic immediately after the disturbance.

  4. If you need work done in your attic, such as the installation of cable or utility lines, hire trained and certified professionals who can safely do the work.

  5. It is possible that vermiculite attic insulation can sift through cracks in the ceiling, around light fixtures, or around ceiling fans. You can prevent this by sealing the cracks and holes that insulation could pass through.

  6. Common dust masks are not effective against asbestos fibers. For information on the requirements for wearing a respirator mask, visit the following Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website: www.osha.gov/