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Introduction To Appraisal Business - Part 1


What This Book Will NOT Teach You

About The Author

Purpose Of A Real Estate Appraisal

Benefits Of Knowledge Of Appraisals

Description Of A Real Estate Appraisal

Being A Licensed or Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Introduction To Appraisal Business - Part 2

Starting Out And Setting Up A Business

Real Estate Appraisal Education

Appraisal Tools That Are Helpful

Booking Real Estate Appraisal Jobs

Beginning The Appraisal

The On-Site Appraisal Inspection

Operating Systems Home Inspection

The Operating Systems, Lower Level, Interior and Exterior
Inspection sections are EXTREMELY condensed versions
of those found in our home inspection book:

Home Inspection Business From A to Z

Heating Systems

Advantages of different heating systems:

Disadvantages of different heat systems:

Air-Conditioning Systems

House Water Heaters

Plumbing System

Well Water Systems

Septic Systems

Electrical System

Basement and Lower Level Home Inspection

Basement and Lower Level

Crawl Spaces

Gas Utility Service

House Auxiliary Systems

Water Penetration

Interior Home Inspection



Floors and Stairs

Walls and Ceilings

Windows and Doors


Attic Inspection

Attic Ventilation

Attic Insulation

Exterior Home Inspection




Fascia, Soffits and Eaves

Gutters, Downspouts and Leaders

Windows, Screens and Storms

Entrances, Steps and Porches


Patios and Terraces


Walls and Fences

Drainage and Grading



Other Exterior Structures

Swimming Pools

Wood Destroying Insects

Home Inspection Photo Pages

Appraising Real Estate

Introduction To Appraising Real Estate

Real Estate Is Unique

The Bundle Of Rights

Public Limits On Real Estate

Private Voluntary Limits On Real Estate

Private Involuntary Limits On Real Estate

Basic Appraisal Concepts

Market Value - Subjective And Objective

The Principles Of Property Valuation

The Analysis Of A City

The Economic Base Of A City

The "As Of" Date Of Valuation

The Highest And Best Use

Highest And Best Use Example

Property Analysis

Land And Site Valuation

Direct Sales Comparison Approach

The Direct Sales Comparison Approach

Narrowing Down The Search For Good Comps

The Appraisal Adjustment Process

Guidelines For The Adjustments

Electronic Appraisals - Fact or Fiction?

Sample Appraisal Reports

You can find a complete set of appraisal report forms
and lots of advice on our web site.

Single Family Appraisal Report

Condo/Co-Op Appraisal Report

Multi-Family Appraisal Report

Additional Photo Pages

The Author

Appraisal Cost Approach

Appraisal Cost Approach

Basics Of Appraisal Depreciation

Cost Approach Example #1

Cost Approach Example #2

Cost Approach Example #3 and 4

Appraisal Income Approach

Appraisal Income Approach

Basic Algebra

Leverage Example

Effective Interest Rate Example

ITAO Example #1

ITAO Example #2

Cash Equivalency Example #1

Cash Equivalency Example #2

Cash Equivalency Example #3

How To Make Big Money With The ITAO Tables

Income Capitalization Example

Income Approach and Statistics Example

Income Approach GRM Example

Income Approach GIM Example

HUD/FHA Gross Rent Multiplier Form

Miscellaneous Appraisal Info

Tax Assessments

Obtaining Information At Town Hall

Condominium and Co-Operative Units

Over Improvements

Other Types Of Housing

Mortgages, Mortgages And More Mortgages

Different Types Of Appraisal Accounts

Miscellaneous Notes

Finishing The Appraisal Report

Appraisal Reconciliation Process

Signing-Off On The Appraisal Report

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

Helpful Appraisal Articles

Appraisal Cost Approach: It DOES NOT Indicate Fee Simple Market Value!

Real Estate: The Best Investment

How Many Valuation Approaches Are Enough?

Who's The Expert, Anyway?

What's the Value of the Land?

Don't Dictate My Fee

The VIP's - HUD, FHA, FNMA, GNMA, and FHLMC - Part 1

Background and History - "About Them"

FHA Appraisal Roster - Appraiser FAQ's

FHA Appraisal Exam - 200 Sample Questions

HUD/FHA - General Appraisal FAQ's

HUD/FHA - Get A Home Inspection - FAQ's

Valuation Analysis For Home Mortgage Insurance - FAQ's

The VIP's - HUD, FHA, FNMA, GNMA, and FHLMC - Part 2

HUD and FHA Guidelines for Valuation Analysis for
Single Family and One to Four Unit Dwellings

The VIP's - HUD, FHA, FNMA, GNMA, and FHLMC - Part 3

Real Estate Appraiser Guidelines

The VIP's - HUD, FHA, FNMA, GNMA, and FHLMC - Part 4

FNMA and FHLMC Guidelines for Completing the
URAR Manufactured Home Addendum

HUD Comprehensive Valuation Package -
Forms 92654-VC and 92564-HS

Appraisal Form - URAR - FHLMC 70, FNMA 1004

Appraisal Form - FHLMC 465, FNMA 1073

Appraisal Form - FNMA 2055

Appraisal Form - FHLMC 72, FNMA 1025

Appraisal Form - FHLMC 71A

Appraisal Form - FNMA 2075

Appraisal Form - FHLMC 1000, FNMA 1007

Appraisal Form - FHLMC 998, FNMA 216

Appraisal Form - HUD/FHA SA HOC GRM

Appraisal Form - FHLMC 442

Appraisal Form - FHLMC 439, FNMA 1004B

Appraisal Form - ERC

Appraisal Form - FNMA 1104

Test Appraisal Form - FNMA 1004

Test Appraisal Form - FNMA 1004B

Test Appraisal Form - FNMA 1004C

Test Appraisal Form - FNMA 1004D

Test Appraisal Form - FNMA 1025

Test Appraisal Form - FNMA 1073

Test Appraisal Form - FNMA 2055

Health Concerns

Asbestos Insulation

Radon Gas

Health Concerns Photo Pages

What No One Else Tells You!! - Parts 1, 2 and 3

Reality Talk

Third Parties To The Transaction

Verify Everything With The Documentation

The Sad Truth

Check Town Hall... Or Else

You Have The Right To...

Is The Listing Accurate?

A Catch 22 Position

People Who Have No Right To Remain Silent

Talk To The Neighbors

Negotiating Realities To Assist Your Client

Don't Let Your Client Be Pressured

Safety Concerns

Is It Possible To Build A... ?

Lay All The Cards On The Table

Don't Over Exaggerate Problems Or Repairs

Be Totally Objective - Part 1

Be Totally Objective - Part 2

Real Estate Appraisal Report Writing

The Report Is Totally Confidential

Appraisal Referral Realities

Some Good Reasons For Federal Regulations

You Get What You Pay For

Handling Client Complaints

Know-It-All People

Certified, Licensed Or Just A Dreamer?

Tell Your Client To Ignore The Hypocrites

Straight Talk

Motivational Talk


Appraisal Related Web Sites

State Real Estate Appraiser Boards

Real Estate Terminology Glossary



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