The Operating Systems, Lower Level, Interior and Exterior Inspection sections are EXTREMELY condensed versions of those found in our home inspection book: Home Inspection Business From A to Z

Real Estate Appraisers are not required to be home inspectors. However, I will include these sections anyway to give you some basic details about home inspections.


Windows and Doors

Spot check the windows and doors by opening and closing all doors and at least one window in each room. Sometimes they'll be difficult to open and close due to excess paint or settlement of the house. This is common, so just notify the client about it. Check for cracked or broken panes of glass. Make sure you move any drapes or blinds. Sometimes they're hiding broken windows.

Real Estate Advice Education House Inspection Appraisal Home Improvement Renovation Check for any double key door locks. These are the locks that require a key to exit and enter through the door. The purpose of these locks is so that if a burglar breaks a door window, they can't just turn a bolt and open the door. They'll need a key to open the lock. However, in some areas these locks are against the local fire codes because a key is needed to exit in case of an emergency. This can cause people to get trapped inside a house during a fire. Tell the client to check with the local fire and building department for their recommendation about door locks. Recommend that the client change all of the house locks after taking possession for security reasons.

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