The Operating Systems, Lower Level, Interior and Exterior Inspection sections are EXTREMELY condensed versions of those found in our home inspection book: Home Inspection Business From A to Z

Real Estate Appraisers are not required to be home inspectors. However, I will include these sections anyway to give you some basic details about home inspections.



Use your binoculars to view the chimney. Check to make sure that the chimney isn't leaning which suggests a serious condition and it may need to be rebuilt. Make sure the mortar joints are in good condition and don't need to be repointed. The phrase re-pointing refers to patching any decayed areas of the mortar joints. This is a required maintenance item that needs to be done periodically. You may see the terra-cotta tile flue linings at the top of the chimney. Make sure they aren't cracked or broken where repairs are needed.

Some chimneys are made of metal piping. Check these for any rust. Often on condominiums you'll find the metal chimneys are covered with a finished wood siding to match the exterior wall siding. You'll be limited in what you can see with this type of installation. Just do the best you can.

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