The Operating Systems, Lower Level, Interior and Exterior Inspection sections are EXTREMELY condensed versions of those found in our home inspection book: Home Inspection Business From A to Z

Real Estate Appraisers are not required to be home inspectors. However, I will include these sections anyway to give you some basic details about home inspections.


Fascia, Soffits and Eaves

The Fascia, Soffits and Eaves are the molding areas at the bottom of the roof and the top of the siding. It's the small area where the roof overhangs the sides of the house. Check to see if the wood is rotted or if it needs to be painted or stained. Often you'll find there's an aluminum siding covering over the fascia, soffits and eaves. If you see vents at the bottom of the roof overhang area it indicates that the house may have soffit vents. Soffit vents allow air to enter the bottom of the attic area and help remove heat and moisture from the house.

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