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Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule form. This form is usually required for non-owner occupied appraisal reports.

  • Single-Family Comparable Rent Schedule (Form 1007)

Use of Form 1007:

The lender uses this form to obtain the market rent for a conventional single-family investment property from the appraiser.

This form must be printed on letter size paper, using portrait format. When printing this form, you must use the "shrink to fit" option in the Adobe Acrobat print dialogue box.


The form is prepared by the appraiser as an attachment to the appraisal for a single-family investment property. The lender should retain the original of the form and the appraiser, the copy.

The form is designed to present the information needed to determine the market rent for a single-family property. It calls for information on the physical structure, location, and lease terms.

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