Appraisal Tools That Are Helpful

  • Road maps of your area and a car compass to find the job site.

  • A clipboard with a notepad and pens to take your field notes.

  • Standard appraisal forms.

  • Home Inspection checklists (you can order these through our www.nemmar.com web site).

  • A measuring wheel or 50-100 foot long measuring tape that can be reeled in for easy use and storage.

  • Reliable camera to take interior, exterior and other photographs of the subject property, comparable sales and the neighborhood.

  • Tool box to carry any tools.

  • Reliable, powerful flashlight is a necessity.

  • Lighted magnifying glass to view any data plates that are hard to read.

  • Large probe and an awl to check wood for rot and termite damage.

  • Hard hat, knee pads and a jump suit to wear in narrow crawl spaces.

  • A marble and a six inch and a four-foot level to check walls and floors for being level.

  • Pliers to help in necessary situations, such as lifting the corner of a rug to see the floor underneath.

  • Binoculars to view the roof, chimney, siding and other parts of the house that you can't see clear enough from the ground.

  • Folding ladder to look at the roof from a closer view.