Booking Real Estate Appraisal Jobs

To give a price quote you have to determine the amount of time and liability that's involved with the appraisal. There are appointment and price quote cards that are included in this book. These index cards will help you give price quotes and keep track of your appraisal appointments with clients.

Explain to the client what's involved in doing a thorough appraisal. If you do work for banks, then they will already know the basics of what an appraisal report looks like. Let them know you're a very good, thorough real estate appraiser. Tell them how you give your clients much more data and photographs in your reports as compared to what other appraisers provide. This will help them with their decision about the subject property.

Don't make them think that your estimate of market value will be accurate to the penny because no appraisal report can be that accurate. Just make them realize how thorough you are and the realities of what an appraisal report involves. If you do this, then everything is up front for your clients to understand. They'll realize that your appraisal isn't some kind of guarantee that will exactly tell them the market value of the subject property. Remember it's an estimate of market value.

Real Estate Expert Investing Advice FSBO Homeowners House Buyers Sellers Realtors Agents Brokers Sometimes you'll book jobs to appraise vacant houses. Some houses are left vacant when being sold for a number of different reasons. The homeowner could have died and it's an estate sale; the owner may have been relocated by his company for a new job position; the owner may be away for a long vacation; it could be a bank foreclosure sale, etc. If the subject property is vacant, then there are important items to be aware of. Often, vacant houses will have the utilities turned off. You should notify the client of this when booking the job. I've arrived at houses many times to do a home inspection or appraisal and the utilities were turned off. This limits what you can evaluate. For example, without electricity you can't check the outlets, switches or operating systems; without gas or oil you can't test the boiler/furnace or water heater; without the water supply turned on you can't test the plumbing pressure and drainage. There's another aspect to be aware of with vacant houses. If the property is located in cold weather areas, then the heating system must be kept on all winter or else the water pipes must be winterized. This protects the pipes from water freezing, expanding and cracking the pipes.

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