FHA Appraisal Exam - 200 Sample Questions

Sample Final Test Questions for FHA Appraisal Exam

1. Valuations Conditions (VC) Form - VC requirements limit required repairs to those items necessary to:

2. If unable to view inspection and improvement in its entirety, the appraiser must:

3. VC-1 asks if there are "Overhead high voltage transmission lines within engineering (designed) fall distance." For the purposes of VC-1, what is an acceptable distance from the base of the tower?

4. When a property lacks connection to a public water supply, the appraiser must condition the appraisal on connection to a public supply, assuming:

5. Which of the following is NOT a requirement under VC-6 (Private Road Access and Maintenance)?

6. If the floor support system shows evidence of damage the appraiser will:

7. To ensure against conditions that could cause the building to deteriorate, all of the following are true EXCEPT:

8. In order to examine the roof, the appraiser should at a minimum:

9. Based on Handbook, if a dwelling's primary heat source is a wood-burning stove:

10. During the summer, examination of the heating system must include:

11. It is a requirement that there is an installed heat or cool-air source:

12. The appraiser must flush toilets and run faucets to:

13. The appraiser's observation of the plumbing system must include all of the following EXCEPT:

14. In observing the electrical system the appraiser must:

15. Which of the following statements is true regarding garage doors?

16. In checking for health and safety deficiencies, the appraiser must operate:

17. Because of potential lead paint hazards, if the house was built before 1978 the appraiser should:

18. What is the owner-occupancy standard in a condominium project?

19. What is the completion standard for a condominium project?

20. A HUD/FHA Section 203 (k) mortgage CANNOT be used to:

21. The minimum threshold for required repairs under the Section 203 (k) program is:

22. For HUD/FHA appraisals, a Section 203 (k) appraisal requires:

23. "Eligible improvements" on a Section 203 (k) loan would NOT include:

24. A Section 203 (k) Consultant does NOT:

25. Which property type is NOT eligible for Section 203 (k) financing:

26. The subject property for a HUD/FHA Section 203 (k) mortgage:

27. In addition to the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR), the following documents must be submitted with EVERY FHA appraisal:

28. Appraisers should NOT require repair items that:

29. Which of the following would NOT be considered a required repair item:

30. On a 10-year-old, two-living-unit property, HUD/FHA requires as a minimum the following approach to value:

31. Before performing an appraisal on a property involving new or proposed construction, the appraiser must have the following documents:

32. A fully completed Builder's Certification form:

33. What repair items are required on a streamline refinance?

34. The minimum floor area for a manufactured home is:

35. After what construction date is a manufactured home acceptable?

36. Which road surface is NOT acceptable for HUD/FHA purposes?

37. HUD's requirements for a private road include:

38. What type of septic system is NOT acceptable?

39. What is the minimum distance between the private well and the septic tank for new construction?

40. The cost approach should be used in which of the following circumstances:

41. The cost approach for the HUD appraisal must be completed for:

42. Excess land is:

43. The appraisal of a property with excess land should:

44. The appraiser can be removed from the FHA register for six months to one year for square footage calculation errors of more than what percentage:

45. HUD does not discriminate in the selection of the appraiser on the basis of:

46. Ways to avoid discrimination, or to not encourage discrimination by others, include all of the following, EXCEPT:

47. Appraisers must be aware of Fair Housing regulations because:

48. A lender may request a reconsideration of the appraised value when:

49. Who is authorized to send additional comparables to the appraiser in HUD's reconsideration of an appraisal?

50. A vapor barrier for a crawl space is required when:

51. HUD requires repair of:

52. An existing property MUST always be rejected when:

53. Functional obsolescence is more likely to be present when the subject property:

54. An interior floor plan drawing is required when:

55. An appraisal performed under HUD general acceptable criteria for existing dwellings are to be done:

56. Which of the following properties would not require a termite inspection

57. A defective roof with __________________ layers of all old shingles must be removed before reroofing.

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