116. During the site visit the appraiser finds a property located next to a highly traveled roadway. The traffic noise is considerable yet several homes have sold on this same street. Access and the traffic flow are generally considered safe. According to HUD's Handbook the appraiser must:

117. Typically high-voltage power transmission lines are characterized as;

118. This type of property is not permitted within the 100-year floodplain.

119. The following photographs are required for an appraisal.

120. The appraiser must consider easements in the appraisal by:

121. According to HUD handbook, gross living area includes the following types of space:

122. According to HUD's Handbook, the analysis of conformity to the neighborhood for appraisal purposes requires:

123. The remaining economic life must:

124. The appraiser is responsible to determine the municipal zoning codes in order to:

125. Signs of soil contamination include the following:

126. According to HUD's Handbook, the water supply for each living unit must contain the following:

127. The location of a domestic well must be:

128. Defective conditions in a property are characterized as:

129. If the roof must be repaired and there are already too many layers of shingles:

130. According to HUD's Handbook , the minimum distance between single family detached homes is:

131. HUD permits security bars in the windows of bedrooms under the following conditions:

132. One unit of a two-unit property is currently leased through the valuation date, while the remaining unit, which is much smaller, is owner occupied. The property rights appraised are:

133. During the site visit the appraiser notes several items which need to be repaired. Correcting all of the deficient items would require a major rehabilitation and repair costs are too extensive to estimate. The appraiser should:

134. What criteria does HUD permits the use of comparable listing in the sales comparison approach?

135. The fee for a real estate appraisal must not include:

136. The fee for an appraisal is based upon:

137. The selection of comparable sales is based upon the verification of the conditions of sale. The most applicable sales are generally:

138. The proper order of adjustments is:

139. Appraisal Income Approach is NOT required for the following property type.

140. The Income approach used for HUD relies upon the Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM). Which component is NOT required to calculate this multiplier?

141. The final analytical step is to reconcile the different approaches to value. According to HUD's Handbook, the reconciliation must:

142. The Comprehensive Valuation Package (CVP) consists of the following three parts:

143. The purpose of the Home Buyer Summary is to:

144. The appraisal file must include all of the following items, EXCEPT:

 145. HUD will monitor appraiser's performance using:

146. According to HUD's Handbook, appraisal performance measures will include:

147. According to FIRREA the threshold for requiring state-certified appraisers is $250,000. Therefore HUD requires all appraisals performed for FHA to

148. Under the competency rule, HUD will permit all FHA Register Appraisers to perform appraisals for manufactured homes under which one of the following conditions:

149. All appraisers on the FHA Register must have a current state appraisal license. HUD also requires all appraisers to:

150. The four tiers of sanctions are:

151. A residential development should be processed as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) if it has one of the following minimum characteristics.

152. The approved list of condominium projects are available from the:

153. The appraiser is required to state the exposure period on the appraisal. The exposure period is defined as:

154. The previous sales history for a residential property must be considered and disclosed in the appraisal for ___________________ prior to the valuation date.

155. In developing the cost approach for properties on tribal trust lands:

156. In developing an appraisal for a single family home located on tribal trust land, HUD permits the appraiser to:

157. According to HUD's Handbook, the appraiser may increase the value of a new or existing home by _____ for solar energy systems, assuming a full conventional back-up system.

158. The appraisal file must include all of the following items, EXCEPT:

159. HUD will monitor appraisers performance using:

160. According to HUD's handbook, performance measures used to measure appraisers will include:

161. The subject property has an assessment and taxes well above comparable properties in the local market. The appraiser is required to:

162. If there is no method to relate the assessment to a full assessed market value or there is not a current assessment for properties such as new construction, then the appraiser must enter ______________________ on the VC form.

163. A letter may be obtained from a state authority stating that an oil or gas well on the subject property has been safely and permanently abandoned. If such a letter is not provided, the dwelling must be located at least ______ from the abandoned well.

164. Evidence of sinkholes or subsidence can include the following:

165. Flood maps are available from FEMA and Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) have the following designations.

166. During the site visit, the appraiser walks the property line and sees that a garage and fence from an adjacent property has been built extending on to the subject property. The appraiser must: 

167. The appraiser is required to access the attic to visually examine for:

168. According to HUD's Handbook, the requirements for mechanical systems include:

169. According to HUD's Handbook, the requirements for mechanical systems include all of the following, EXCEPT:

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