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This book covers some portions of our CONDENSED - Home Inspection Report Generator and On-Site Checklist. The condensed version is mainly for use by non-professional home inspectors to assist them with inspecting real estate. Professional home inspectors use our NARRATIVE - Home Inspection Report Generator and On-Site Checklist. Contact us if you would like to purchase our Narrative - Home Inspection Report Generator and On-Site Checklist if you are interested in doing professional home inspections on any real estate property.


Introduction - Part 1


Purpose Of A Home Inspection

Benefits Of Knowledge Of Home Inspections

Description Of A Home Inspection

Professional Engineer and Registered Architect Issue

Introduction - Part 2

Tools That Are Helpful

Booking Home Inspection Jobs

Beginning The Home Inspection

Sample Home Inspection Checklist Report Pages

Definition of Terms

Sample Pages With Filled Out Checklists

Home Inspection Subject Property Checklist

Inspection Checklist page 1

Questions To Ask The Home Seller Checklist

Age, Zoning, and Permits

Interior Inspection

Exterior Inspection

Operating Systems

Termite and Water Problems

Septic System

Well Water System

Swimming Pool

Operating Systems Inspection Checklist

Heating System:

Oil Fired Heating Systems

Gas Fired Heating Systems

Electric Heating Systems

Forced Warm Air Systems

Heat Pump Heating Systems

Forced Hot Water Heating Systems

Steam Heating Systems

Air-Conditioning System

House Water Heater

Separate House Water Heaters

Immersion Coil Water Heaters

Oil Fired Water Heaters

Gas Fired Water Heaters

Electrically Operated Water Heaters

Plumbing System

Well Water System

Septic System

Electrical System

Additional Comments

Lower Level Inspection Checklist

Lower Level

Crawl Spaces

Gas Utility Service

House Auxiliary Systems

Water Penetration

Additional Comments

Interior Home Inspection Checklist



Floors and Stairs

Walls and Ceilings

Windows and Doors


Attic Inspection

Attic Ventilation

Attic Insulation

Asbestos Insulation

Radon Gas

Additional Comments

Exterior Home Inspection Checklist




Fascia, Soffits and Eaves

Gutters, Downspouts and Leaders

Windows, Screens and Storms

Entrances, Steps and Porches


Patios and Terraces


Walls and Fences

Drainage and Grading



Other Exterior Structures

Swimming Pools

Wood Destroying Insects

Additional Comments

Safety Concerns Checklist

Safety Concerns

Additional Comments

Home Inspection Checklist Conclusion



Additional Home Inspection Photo Pages

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