Benefits Of Knowledge Of Home Inspections

Being an "A to Z Home Inspector " will enable you to be involved in a recession‑proof business. Real Estate is still bought and sold during a recession in the economy. In addition to the typical home sales, there are foreclosure sales, relocations, and distressed sales. The only difference about a recession is that houses are sold for a lower price. All of these houses still need to be inspected, and as a result, your business can grow during a slow economy. Unfortunately, there are people who lose their homes due to tragic circumstances in their lives. However, you're not taking advantage of anyone or being unethical by inspecting properties that are the result of a distressed sale or a foreclosure. All of these properties have to be inspected. Therefore, someone is going to be hired to do the job. Everyone will be much better off if the client hires an "A to Z Home Inspector" who does top quality work.

Being an "A to Z Home Inspector " can make you a much better home buyer or real estate investor. Before you buy a house or a rental property you can check it from top to bottom to figure out what condition it's in. You can save up to tens of thousands of dollars by spotting a problem before it costs you money later. Many home buyers simply pay close to the asking price that the seller lists the house for. They tend to assume that the "listing price" must be close to the market value of the property. Often this is not so. The seller can ask any price they want for their property. However, the true market value could be much less than their asking price. If you have the knowledge of how to perform good, thorough home inspections then you can negotiate some price reduction or concessions. You can intelligently inform the seller if you find any problem conditions during the inspection.

Being an "A to Z Home Inspector" can make you a much better home seller. Before you sell your house you can bring everything up to top working condition ahead of time. An awful lot of real estate deals are killed before the real estate appraisal or inspection is done. The buyer and seller may come to an agreement on price and terms pending the home inspection or appraisal. If the home inspector is thorough, they may find problems with the house. This ends up throwing a monkey wrench into the works by lowering the sales price or killing the deal.

Being an "A to Z Home Inspector" can make you a much better homeowner. You can make your house safe for you and your family. You'll be able to identify electrical hazards, radon, asbestos, carbon monoxide and gas leaks, etc. Prevent accidents before they happen! Also, eliminate building code violations or from being cheated by contractors.

Being an "A to Z Home Inspector" can make you a much better Realtor. If you're presently a Real Estate Agent or Broker, then you already know how a low appraisal or problems found during the home inspection can kill a deal. You can greatly increase the percentages of the deals you close. You can show the seller what problem conditions there are at the time you take the listing for the house or condo. As a Realtor, you can inform the home seller yourself without waiting for the buyer's home inspector to do it later.

I'm sure all of you that are presently Realtors are aware of possible complaints. Some people may have bought a house or condo and found out later that there was a problem. They may believe that you knew about the problem or that you should've known about it. As a Realtor, you can help to reduce your headaches and liability by knowing about any potential problems before they come back to haunt you later. You can get more listings due to your knowledge and expertise, which any home buyer or seller will respect. This will enable you to increase your business and income.

Being an "A to Z Home Inspector" can make you a much better real estate consultant. If you do any consulting work, you can gain much more respect and business due to your expertise and knowledge.

Being an "A to Z Home Inspector" can make you a much better real estate appraiser. I do appraisals as well as inspections and I can see things that the vast majority of appraisers in the business don't even know about. My appraisals are much more thorough and informative for the client. Therefore, I can charge a lot more for my work than other appraisers can.

So you see, I've got this baby set on automatic pilot. There's something in this material for just about anyone to benefit from. There's only one type of individual that I can think of that can't benefit from this material. That's someone who has no intention of going into the real estate business in any way, shape or form. They also would need to have no intention of ever owning their own house or condominium. If that description fits you, then this book is not for you.

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