This book covers some portions of our CONDENSED - Home Inspection Report Generator and On-Site Checklist. The condensed version is mainly for use by non-professional home inspectors to assist them with inspecting real estate. Professional home inspectors use our NARRATIVE - Home Inspection Report Generator and On-Site Checklist. Contact us if you would like to purchase our Narrative - Home Inspection Report Generator and On-Site Checklist if you are interested in doing professional home inspections on any real estate property.


  • The address of the subject property is ____________________________________________________.
  • The inspection was commissioned by ____________________________________________________.
  • The date of the inspection was __________________________________________________________.
  • The time of the inspection was from __________________ to __________________ AM   PM.
  • The outdoor air temperature was approximately _____________________________________ degrees.
  • The weather on the day of the inspection was (raining/sunny)__________________________________.
  • You must use and read the entire inspection report to get the maximum benefit! Do not just take it for granted that everything is in good condition at the subject property. The written inspection report has valuable and important information that you need to know in order to properly evaluate the subject property.
  • A home inspection is a visual, limited time, non-destructive, and non‑dismantling inspection. There is no dismantling or using tools to take things apart. There are areas that are inaccessible or not visible, such as behind finished wall, floor and ceiling coverings, etc.
  • A home inspection checks to see if all visible and accessible areas and operating systems, such as, heating, air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing, roof, etc. are operating properly at the time of the inspection. The inspection tries to determine what the current condition and life expectancy is of the different aspects of the subject property. The inspection is limited in evaluating the life expectancies of an item without knowing what the past maintenance history was for the item being evaluated.
  • During the inspection you cannot turn on or test any devices, appliances, operating systems, electrical switches, etc., that do not operate by the normal controls used to operate it that were designed by the manufacturer. For example, you can only use thermostats to test the heating or air-conditioning systems, etc. You cannot test anything that has "do-it-yourself" wiring and installations. Any do-it-yourself type of setups can be dangerous to operate and are not part of the home inspection process.
  • It is highly recommended that any problem conditions noted at the on-site inspection or in this written report be evaluated by a reputable, licensed contractor PRIOR to signing any contracts or closing on the subject property. The inspection performed is not a building code inspection. It is also recommended that you check all records at town hall pertaining to the subject property.
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