Who, exactly, is this Kevin the former NHL guy who teaches Whitney' "free training?" I have received a number of reports about a former National Hockey League star named Kevin who teaches Russ Whitney' "free training." Kevin is starting to sound suspicious to me. First, no one seems to know his last name. Reportedly, he says it, but says it so fast that no one can catch it. I want his last name. 7/2/03 Two readers sent me Kevin' last name. It is Dagleish. A person who was quite confident of the spelling told me that. Another person spelled it Daglish, but said he was not sure of the spelling. 7/3/03 Another spelled it Dalgelish and said Kevin claimed he played for the Toronto Mapleleafs. NHL hockey player directories I know little about hockey, but I am a writer of football and baseball books and a member of various sports journalism organizations. No doubt there are reference books in hockey just like we have in football and baseball. They give the complete playing history of everyone who ever played a single second in the league. I would appreciate it if some reader knowledgeable about hockey would look Kevin up and tell me what they found. Ivy Leaguer? A woman who heard him on 6/29/03 asked where he went to college. He told her Cornell. Funny he should mention that particular Ivy League college. The woman he was talking to is not only a student there, she is one of the students who gives the guided tours to prospective students and their parents. As such, she has had extra training in the history of Cornell. She is also a rabid hockey fan. She asked him what school he attended at Cornell. Apparently, Cornell is organized into various sub-"schools." He said, "Ashton." She said there is no Ashton. He said it was, "you know, business, medical." Well, you gotta pick one, Kevin. There is no such thing as a business-medical school. He also suggested that maybe the name had changed since he graduated. Nope. She checked. No Ashton now or ever. Furthermore, the names of the schools at Cornell are not surnames. They have names like College of Arts and Sciences, School of Industrial and Labor

Relations, and Hotel School. Here is her email to me Email from skeptical hockey fan who attended I thought you might appreciate (or be amused by?) some information about Whitney's latest free seminar in Oak Brook, IL. I was there this morning, and although Whitney himself did not conduct the session, I did get the supposed ex-NHL hockey star you mentioned on your site. Talked way too fast, never smiled, and basically left me with a feeling of distrust (Whitney's devil-like grin on the obnoxious posters in the background may also have had something to do with it). Imagine my surprise when this "ex-NHL star" told us that he had played hockey while he attended Cornell University! He probably didn't suspect he had a current Cornell University student and rabid hockey fan in today's audience. Of course, I went up to him after the presentation to chat with this Cornell "alum." I told him that I am currently enrolled at Cornell and asked him what school he had attended. He blurted out, "Ashton." There is no such school at Cornell. He then went on to say, "You know...business, medical." I still had a blank stare on my face, so he went on..."Well, they probably changed it since I was there." Right. I'm a university tour guide and was sure that of our seven colleges, none had ever carried a name. They were simply the "School of Industrial and Labor Relations" or the "College of Arts and Sciences," etc. I placed a quick call to a fellow tour guide who was working at the information desk at Cornell that day, and asked him to check up on that. No "Ashton" in Cornell history. I must have made myself a nuisance. After the presentation, as I was talking to other seminar audience members, his creepy henchmen would repeatedly find excuses to pass by me or stand a few feet away from where I was (to listen in?). I later ran into lady who was at the seminar at the hotel's restaurant. She said that she had invited a gentleman who was in the audience to lunch after she had overheard him talking about how he had gone through the Whitney boot camps and had actual checks from his transactions. She wanted to treat him to lunch and see how he had done it (he agreed, and said he would join her after he ran off copies of the checks or something along those lines). I sat down at her table briefly, just to chat about what her impression of the whole thing was. A few seconds later, he approached the table and made a move as if to sit down, saw me, and suddenly got up as if he had "forgotten something" and muttered that he would be right back. Needless to say, that was the last we saw of him. As a side note - the room temperature was normal during the presentation, but we were still kept waiting awkwardly outside the ballroom doors, and then endured a half hour of testimonials (no pep music today) before the actual presentation began. I hope this information helps somebody - I only wish that the people who were with me this morning could have stumbled across your website! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the specifics of today's presentation. Irena Djuric Another person who was at that same seminar separately contacted me and said Kevin spelled his name, but did it so fast she could not have gotten it even if she had been ready with pencil and paper. She said Kevin was condescending and rude and she would not have paid $1 for anything he was selling after that behavior. She said their laptop projector kept not working causing audience comments about the wisdom of buying expensive seminars from people who can"t even get that right. (I always used overhead projector slides at my seminars because computers malfunction. And I always had a spare bulb for the projector.) No such Cornell player Another Cornell alum who is active in alumni affairs called the registrar' office and asked about Kevin using all three of the spellings above. The registrar said no one by any of those three names ever attended Cornell. A reader told me Whitney has had numerous complaints from attendees about the way Kevin talks to people. I believe it. I have had numerous complaints about the way he talks to people ("attitude and rude behavior"). Why has Whitney continued to use him? I would guess because his behavior does, in fact, browbeat lots of people into buying seminars. We all have our priorities. No such NHL player Another reader directs us to the Internet database https://www.hockeydb.com/. There you can look up all sorts of hockey info including the names of every player who ever played. That reader says he found no such player. He also suggested https://www.hockeyinfocenter.com/ which also had no such player listed. The only player he found with a name spelled like the three possible Kevin spellings above was a Phil Dalgleish who was born in 1923. However, that guy would now be 80 and never played in the NHL per se. He was a professional hockey player in other leagues. Another reader did similar research and came up with the same results. Legal? Is it legal for a Whitney speaker to claim he went to Cornell if he did not? Nope. Ditto the NHL. First off, you simply cannot say false things in ads. 15 USC 52 In fact, you cannot even omit material facts from ads (15 USC 55). Claiming in conjunction with advertising that you have a status that you do not have is also illegal, although I cannot put my finger on that statute at the moment. If I confirm that there was such a Kevin who played for the NHL, I will then contact him through the NHL to ask if he is teaching for Whitney or if some Whitney teacher is impersonating him. Another Whitney instructor was recently revealed to be using a phony name. New name On 7/25/03, I got an email from a woman who attended the "free training" in Monterey, CA the previous week. She said their speaker was "the supposed NHL player "Kevin" was an arrogant, extremely fast talking jerk!" Oddly, she added that he said his last name quite distinctly. It is James. Excuse me. A number of people"”including former employees of Whitney"”told me it was Dalgleish or some similar spelling. Now it' suddenly James! Like I said in the title of this article, who exactly is this guy? I guess we need to check for a Kevin James at Cornell and in the NHL, although maybe we should wait a few weeks to see if his name is really Henderson or O"Malley and the college is really Chico State. A reader checked https://www.hockeydb.com/ for Kevin James. So such person ever played NHL hockey. New College On 7/28/03, I heard from another "free training" attendee who said she attended that night and that Kevin James was her instructor. She said he repeatedly referred to having been a hockey player, but did not claim to have played in the NHL. She also said he claimed to have attended Brigham Young University, not Cornell. Maybe we should start a pool where you can place bets on the various aspects of Kevin' story: "¢ the highest level of hockey play he reached (NHL, college, Little League, street in front of his mom' house) "¢ the highest level of education he reached (Cornell, other Ivy, BYU, Velma' Beauty College, Provo Community College, no college) "¢ the letter his last name begins with Maybe his fast talking is causing people to mistake the word "player" for "puck." John T. Reed Copyright 2003 by John T. Reed Last update 9/4/03 John T. Reed, a.k.a. John Reed, Jack Reed, 342 Bryan Drive, Alamo, CA 94507, Voice: 925-820-7262, Fax: 925-820-1259, www.johntreed.com

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Russ Whitney is the worst of the worst in criminal seminar gurus. He belongs in jail - again. The convicted felon that he is, he was born a felon and will die a felon with his life of crime.