The articles listed in this "Russell Whitney scam alert" category were created and posted online at www.johntreed.com during the discovery process while he was defending himself against a baseless lawsuit filed against him by Russ Whitney. John Reed spent years of extensive investigations into Russ Whitney and all of Whitney's criminal activity over many decades. John Reed also rates real estate gurus on his site at www.johntreed.com

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CONSUMER WARNING NOTICE: Do NOT attend any of Russ Whitney's "free" or paid seminars. They are filled with all LIES and FRAUDULENT CLAIMS and they will try to scam you for thousands of dollars to go to his "training camps". You will clearly be ripped off and lied to by Russ Whitney and his employees (band of thieves). Search the Internet and contact the Better Business Bureau to find out more about Russ Whitney and his company's HORRIBLE reputation for fraud, deception and illegal activities. If you search you will find out about TENS of THOUSANDS of customers being cheated, HUNDREDS of investigations by many State Attorney Generals into the fraud of Russ Whitney and his company's, and that Russ Whitney himself is a CONVICTED VIOLENT FELON who spent years in PRISON!!

Some of Russell Whitney's latest websites and con-artist, snake-oil saleman scams:

 www.russwhitneyrealestate.com          www.russwhitneyglobal.com          www.russwhitneybusiness.com

www.russwhitneyfinance.com          www.russwhitney.com