Lately, I've gotten very interested in real-estate. It all started with Robert Kiyosaki. (I can hear you groaning, but wait!) His books were kind of a kick in the pants for me, a call to change my perspective on life, time and money. I was thrilled to have such a hopeful vision of the future, for once in my life. It was refresing to finally find someone who could tell me how to become financially secure. I read chapter after chapter waiting for the grand revelation; the one piece of advice that would make that idea click in my head; the "AHA!" as it were. It never came. 3 books later the "AHA!" still hadn't come. Frustrated, but with some idea what I wanted to do, I set out to find my own path to wealth, still inspired. I started looking into real-estate, the "get-rich-quick industry", or so I thought at the time. After several months of frustration I realized it wasn't quite as easy as it sounded and gave up. Towards the end of this phase, I stumbled across your website. Immediately, I was upset by your critical tone. Your scathing review of Kiyosaki's books upset me terribly, but not being one to simply dismiss an opinion different from my owne, I decided to read the entire review with the idea that I would compose a nasty letter at the end outlining your obvious bias and blatant stupidity. By the end I found myself agreeing with about half of what you said, and not sure what I thought about the other. After a day or so of pondering, I realized that all the reasons I felt so frustrated after reading the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series were exactly the reasons you have for disliking the man's writing so much. After giving up on *everything* to do with making money, (in a moment of intense disillusionment) and returning to my long string of 9 to 5 jobs (several of which have provided me with valuable experience) I recently have decided to explore investing in real-estate again. Now, a year later, while looking for good advice, I have again stumbled across your website, again inspired by a book. Ironically, that book is a part of Kiyosaki's new series 'Rich Dad's Advisors'. This book, 'Real Estate Riches' was written by Dolf DeRoos. I consumed it in one day, this time with more of a critical eye, and slightly more experience into the finance end of things. (I spent a few months working for Fleet Mortgage, now WaMu, in their Wholesale office locking loans and later as a Jr. Underwriter) Again, I've been inspired. I've looked at the numbers myself, and what Mr. DeRoos has to say makes some sense. While he's a little short on specifics, he isn't spouting complete drivel. And after all, this book WAS written as part of the Kiyosaki cult series. Perhaps the books he's written on his own might be a bit more helpful. I decided to re-enter the world of real-estate. This time, I actually found a property near where I live in Caldwell, Idaho. Newly remodeled, cheap, with several tenants

already in place and making a respectable sum in rental income, and an owner who was interested in getting a newcomer started in investing with little to no hassle, it seemed like the perfect place to start getting my feet wet. I'm still sure it would havebeen, but with no cash to bring into the transaction, I was unable to make the deal. I was lucky enough to meet wonderful agent who worked with me, showed me a few of the ropes, and got me a couple of important contacts. She represented her seller well, but tried just as hard as I did to make my offer work, even though more than a dozen easier offers would have taken less of her time and energy. She introduced me to a property manager who she has had wonderful experiences with in her own rental properties, and who I plan to check out more thoroughly. None of my experiences in this venture were what I was expecting; neither the positive nor the negative ones. I have seen the pleasant side of real-estate, working with people who are out there trying to make the business as comfortable as possible. I have seen the not-so pleasant side of real-estate, such as the mortgage broker who suggested that he could get me in with 0 down if I was "intending" to occupy the premises. (implying very strongly, though never coming out and saying, "You could rent it out anyway, and what the wholesaler doesn't know won't kill them.") This time, I am very interested in continuing on in the business. It may comfort you to know that I will never again take another shred of advice from Mr. Kiyosaki, thanks in large part to you. Mr. DeRoos I am still evaluating, though I have found his advice to be helpful, if a bit non-specific in places. I am curious to know what you have heard of him. As one who knows more about real-estate than I, I would be interested to know if you believe his words are worth paying for. Seeing a review on one or two of his works would interest me greatly. In the meantime, I wish to thank you for providing your evaluation of these various gurus. I am going into future ventures with more caution, and a bit more wisdom thanks to you. Thank you also for backing up all your statements with evidence of what you are talking about. (A practice I had ingrained into me during my grueling high-school writing classes, and which is sadly lacking in most writing in this day and age) That alone sets you apart from many others I have read or listened to. Please keep the criticism coming, though it does grate on my nerves. -Nathan Allen Nelson IT Programmer Idaho State Police dEAR sIR,,i just finished reading a great part of your site regarding the above...you spent a great deal of time in tearing apart the above subject...would you be so kind as to do the same with the TRUTH of Who YAHWEH is vs. Jesus and talk in detail about how a whole race of people have disapeared...THE HEBREWS...and who are the JEWS in reality as the letter J is only 371 yrs old... if you would devote as much time to the above..many lives who be much improved and ten thousand angels who dance on your grave and you'd live eternally... i await your reply... Sarah Claybore  Dear John Reed, I believe you're an honest irracional man and I also believe you may have helped many people with your guru raking. But I believe you are being an idiot on Kiyosaki's book rich dad, poor dad. In your review and unless you are completely stupid you constantly misinterpret everything on purpose and take statements out of context. You also make lots of unproved allegations. Maybe you should consider yourself for the "not recommend" list of your guru ranking on the accounts of lying and misliding the public. Ask yourself what are you trying to prove with all that false information... david duarte "youre a dream stealer , quit giving your stupid opinions on things you know nothing about . millions of dollars of real estate is bought and sold all the time using methods you say dont work. you just want people to think youre some kind of expert youre not." [A former Amway distributor sent me the following regarding the phrase "dream--tealer:" "The one E-mail response that you show on your site calling you a dream-stealer ( The one that has "your" and "you're" confused and misspelled several times ) is undoubtedly from an Amway ( or some other MLM ) minion. "dream-stealer" is the term of choice for anyone trying to point out holes in the brainwashed logic taught by MLMs."] "I just wanted to let you know that I found your information very valuable. I too was feeling very "uneasy" after reading Kiyoski's Rich Dad, Poor Dad, even through it was highly recommended by a good friend. I decided to do an internet search to see what showed up. I looked through all the options and yours seemed to be the only one offering a contrairian (sp?) view of his book. I only wish I had found your site before and saved myself the three nights reading. I was so intrigued by your commentary that I ended up reading the whole thing, including your things to look for page. Thank you for your time and effort, by the way, your reference to your mother and getting advice from her was great. I loved the free advice offered afterwards as well! It was better than anything I read in Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Thanks again for your guidance and counsel," George Andrews "I was mad as hell when I began reading your article about Robert T. Kiyosaki and his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I should have known right then and there that I had been duped. I finished reading the your article only minutes ago and despite my embarrassment I want to thank you for writing a poignant article that even an ass like my self can understand. It was very well written and thought out, I enjoy your take no prisoners style, that is refreshing. There are several things I can be thankful for: I read it before I did something stupid, I will learn from my foolishness, and I still would like to be wealthy. After I wrote you I spent a couple of more hours on your website, and found it very informative. I can appreciate your hard work, research and common sense approach. I will keep that in mind in with my future endeavors. I bought three of Robert T. Kiyosaki's books and thought that each one might lead to more detail, but as you noted they were primarily boasting or giving very dangerous information. My gut as well as my attorney and accountant were telling me the same thing, "something is a miss in paradise". I look at my experience with Robert as a truly inexpensive lesson in letting pillow talk lead me rather than good hard facts. Thanks again" David Johnson "dude, get a life. you waste so much energy on negative stuff. no one cares." sean power

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I don't understand why people follow Robert Kiyoski like they're religous cult followers. They worship the man and he's just a get-rich-quick con artist.