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Real Estate Appraisal, Home Inspection, and Investing Advice

Honest, straight-forward and top-notch home appraisal help you avoid the common problem posed by real estate agents and brokers who “sugar coat” the problem conditions of a property in order to close the deal and get paid their sales commission. Our books, home inspection videos and DVDs teach you everything that your Realtor doesn't want you to know! Learn how to do a home appraisal like the pros. Our home inspection books cover every aspect that a home inspector needs to know. So if you are planning to buy, sell or renovate a house, condo, building, rental property, or vacant land, then we have exactly what you need to maximize your profits and eliminate potential problems and costly mistakes. We give you the Real Facts other real estate books don't tell you! Nemmar's real estate investing books and DVDs are rated number one nationwide and leave no stones unturned. These books/DVDs should be a key part of your home valuation process.

Home inspectors are a significant part of all real estate transactions. As a result, home inspection professionals are in high demand. Due to the explosive growth of the real estate market, there are frequent sales of houses, condominiums, buildings, and rental property. To do a proper home inspection you need to be familiar with housing construction and operating systems. If you cannot evaluate the true condition of a home or condo, then you could be in for a very high financial loss. Nemmar's home inspection courses have the highest rating of any home inspection course on the market. They are rated number one nationwide and are the best home inspection courses. This will be the smartest real estate investment you make before buying, selling or renovating your home. Plus, if you’re making home improvement changes to your home, you’ll be able do it correctly to maximize your profits and eliminate any problems. Get the Real Facts other real estate books and training courses don't tell you! You won't find better home maintenance and home inspection training anywhere. We even have in-depth home inspection checklists that cover every detail in a step-by-step approach.

Topics covered include home improvement, home inspection, real estate appraisal and more. The focus is on everything related to real estate and your home, including water damage, leaking roofs, lawn and garden landscaping, windows and doors, stairs and flooring, kitchens and appliances, bathrooms, and how to improve the value of your home so you can sell it for a much higher price.


Home Renovations, Repairs and Home Improvement

Home renovations, repairs and home improvement are something that all homeowners have to deal with. Making the proper decisions before starting your home improvement or maintenance work will mean the difference between having a Dream House or a Money Pit! Statistics show that it only costs 10% more to build or renovate high-performance buildings. Total energy costs are about 50% less than those for conventionally designed and renovated homes. Nemmar's energy saving home improvement books will teach you from A to Z how easy it is to save thousands of dollars every year and lower your utility bills by 50% with our energy efficient house renovation tips. From the insulating system that surrounds your house, to the appliances and lights inside - every topic is discussed in detail. You get hundreds of home improvement tips and professional advice.

That's why our customers say "Don't buy, sell, or renovate your home without this!" In addition, you'll learn how to make your home healthier and more comfortable for you and your family. But most importantly, you'll be helping the global environment by reducing pollution and environmental hazards from your home by half. Saving natural resources and protecting the environment is the best gift you can give to your children and grandchildren!


Nemmar Real Estate Training Books, DVDs and Videos

Nemmar Real Estate Training Books, DVDs and Videos have received the Number One highest rating of 5 stars from Top 50 Book Reviewers!

Statistics show an average savings of at least $10,000.00 per home for customers who have our real estate books and DVDs. If you're a do-it-yourself homeowner, home buyer, seller, or real estate investor looking to buy a house, condominium, building, or rental property this amounts to free home appraisal. If you're a real estate agent looking to improve your inspection or home valuation skills, then our real estate training videos, DVDs and books are perfectly designed for you to learn from the pros. If you're an experienced real estate appraiser, home inspector, professional engineer, realtor, builder or contractor looking to improve your knowledge of real estate appraisal and home inspection, then our real estate training is perfectly designed for you to learn from the top real estate professionals in the business.

Our real estate books and DVDs will save you thousands of dollars by preventing costly house repairs, undetected problems, safety hazards, and home maintenance. You will also will learn how to lower your utility and energy bills by 50%. If you're selling a home, then our top-notch home inspection tips and real estate appraisal advice will enable you to sell your house, condominium, building, or rental property at the highest market value price to maximize your profits. Get the nationwide number one rated real estate investing, home inspection, real estate appraisal, home valuation, and house renovation training available - With our real estate books and DVDs you will learn everything you need to know about Real Estate - from Asbestos to Zoning. With this knowledge you will save thousands of dollars when you buy, sell, or renovate your home.


Home Sales Tips

Home buyers and home sellers lose a great deal of money when a thorough, accurate home inspection is not done. Faulty construction, improper electrical wiring, inefficient insulation, old heating or air-conditioning systems, termites, hazardous do-it-yourself home repairs and renovations, building permit violations, and countless other unseen pitfalls lead to very expensive house repairs.

Author Guy Cozzi

Our real estate investment, home inspection, appraisal, and home improvement books have been called the “Bible” of the real estate industry. Written by Guy Cozzi, who has decades of experience as a licensed appraiser, home inspector, consultant, and real estate investor. This top selling author has been quoted as a real estate expert by the New York Times and many other publications. He has been a guest speaker on real estate investment TV shows and has taught thousands of people how to conduct home inspections, real estate appraisals, and how to invest in real estate. He also provides real estate advice to many banks and mortgage lenders.

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